Swedish melodic death metal band Avatar released their seventh studio album Avatar Country on January 12, 2018. Avatar wasted no time in announcing a North American tour in support of the album. Along with them, they brought psychobilly band The Brains and a freakshow act known as Hellzapoppin. This show at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles would be extra special because this was the first time that Avatar would be performing a headlining set in Los Angeles. The show started the Hellzapoppin performing magic tricks that had the audience gasping and wowing.
After them, psychobilly band The Brains took the stage which lots of obvious fans in the crowd sporting their merch and dressed in psychobilly fashion. The Brains got a strong reaction from the crowd as they played music to dance to and to rock out too as fans sang along to their music. After a short set, The Brains finished and a curtain fell on the stage to prepare the audience for the headlining act of the night.

The lights went out and the fans cheered as the curtain came down and revealed a banner for the King representing Avatar Country. The banner came down as the intro track Glory to Our King from the new album started and the band members came out one by one and the last member to appear was guitarist Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby who was atop of the stage sitting on a throne and wearing a crown and cape as a proper king does. Avatar started the show with the first track from the new album, Legend of the King. Right away, the band got great reception from the audience as they started head banging and moshing to the music. The first thing you’ll notice from the band is how all the band members are dressed in attire as if they’re circus ringmasters. The second song performed was a fan favorite titled, Let It Burn and it had fans singing along. The third song played was another fan favorite titled Paint Me Red and proved to be one of the band’s catchiest songs as fans continued to sing along with smiles on their faces. To go with the band’s amazing stage presence, they also had an amazing light show that was different to each song played so you never got the same light show twice. It’s always nice seeing band’s have their own lighting rather than the venue’s dull and dark lights. Bloody Angel is one of the band’s most beautiful songs and is even more beautiful performed live as fans sang the song from start to finish as it changed from a heavy metal song to a more ballad-like tone. One of the more interesting moments was just before the song Puppet Show was performed. Singer Johannes Eckerström went to the top of the stage just above drummer John Alfredsson and motioned his hands like a puppet master and Alfredsson would move his arms and hit his drums in accordance to Eckerström’s hand motions. Avatar never had a dull moment in their performance as they played songs such as The King Wants YouTowerThe Eagle Has Landed, and Smells Like a Freakshow. Close to ending the show, Eckerström let the fans know that it was nice to head out on a headlining show instead of being an opening act; even more so because this was the first time that the band performed a headlining set in Los Angeles. Avatar performed The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country and made it an extra fun song as they turned on bubble machines and let out lots of bubbles into the audience and covered the fans in them. To bid the fans farewell, Avatar finished the show with perhaps their most popular song, Hail the ApocalypseAvatar put all their remaining energy into the song and the audience happily moshed to the song. Avatar wrapped up their show as all the band members came forward to bow to the audience as Jarlsby was once again put into his King outfit and walked off stage. It was truly a memorable show whether people in the audience were fans of Avatar or not.


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