Exodus and Municipal Waste – Adult Swim’s Thrashtacular Evening
 House of Blues – Anaheim, CA (02/26/2018)
Photos & Review by Hugo Juarez
While most weekend warriors are trying to recover from their weekend’s raging, the real spectacle was taking place in Anaheim. On this particular evening, we are granted with only the finest doses of speed, metal, adrenaline and great performances. Thrashtacular, an event hosted by Adult Swim promoting season 3 of the hit animated show ‘Mr. Pickles’ with the presence of Municipal Waste and headlining Bay Area thrashers Exodus. With such a small line up and huge promotion this show was an amazing success despite the fact that it takes place on a Monday evening. Those in attendance definitely came out to have nothing but a great time at the House of Blues, and that they did. Unfortunately due to traffic I was not able to catch the first band who had played but was right on time to see the Waste annihilate their set.


Municipal Waste
The boys from Richmond Virginia were about to set the stage and by the looks of how the House of Blues was already tremendously packed, you already knew that we were all in for one hell of a time. Before appearing on stage, a short clip for Adult Swims ‘Mr Pickles’ came on and really hyped up the crowd. Barely kicking off the set and already you’re witnessing crowd surfers and stage divers in all directions. With their fast aggressive angst attitudes portrayed throughout their performance it’s no wonder why they have a massive following. A cross over thrash band such as the Waste brings in different sorts of crowds from metal heads, punks and thrashers who rage to their tunes as one and chant their songs such as ‘You’re Cut Off’, ‘Sadistic Magician’, and my all time favorite, ‘Headbanger Face Rip’. It’s no doubt that Municipal Waste definitely over delivers, I even give singer Tony Foresta credit for screaming the way he does even with a tired voice that this tour has taken a toll on him for. It’s always a privilege to see these heavy titans up on stage live and I know we’ll get many chances again in due time. Currently the band will be touring up until the 8th of March, with 4 shows remaining I know each show is not worth missing out!

Breathe Grease
Mind Eraser
You’re cut off
Unleash the bastards
Sadistic magician
Bourbon Discipline
Thrashing is my business
I want to kill the President
Black ice 
Poison the preacher
Amateur Sketch
Slime and Punishment
Thrashing of the Christ 
Substitute Creature
Parole Violators
Headbanger FaceRip 
Art of Partying
Born to Party


Finally the time had come. The night was still fresh and everyone still energetic to keep the floor active. Exodus, one of the pioneering Thrash Titans who have a high reputation in promoting old fashioned friendly violent fun. While both the crowd and the band are in full swing with adrenaline, the band doesn’t spare a single second and they do so by starting off with one of their all time hits ‘Bonded by Blood’.
Perhaps the best part attending a thrash show is the fact that you know you’re in for a good body slamming, fist flinging, hair flying time.
Madness and chaos engulfs the venue as Exodus plays many old school favorites as ‘Fabulous Disaster’, ‘Metal Command’, and ‘Lesson in Violence’. New songs from their Latest Album ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ are definitely a must for this tour. The best part about Exodus, besides the fact that their music is wound excellent, the band carry themselves as very professional and humble individuals who make it aware that while we’re at a show letting out our angry passions on each other, it’s still a brotherhood. Singer Zetro Zausa makes that very clear. If you’re able to pack a venue top to bottom, and have an engaging interaction with everyone in the room you have done only the finest job in doing so. After wrapping up the Adult Swim tour, Exodus is set to do a few shows across Europe in June. If you haven’t already, go ahead and check these guys out before you regret it!


Bonded by Blood
Blood In Blood Out
And then there were none
Fabulous Disaster
Body Harvest 
Metal Command
Lesson in Violence
Black List
War is my sheopard
Toxic Waltz
Strike of the Beast





Municipal Waste


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