Legendary Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolgang von Frankenstein released his second album As We Die in 2017. When he’s not touring with Misfits, Doyle is off on his solo tour with his bandmates unleashing hell on the road. To promote the album, Doyle embarked on a USA tour. One of the stops was at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. This show was extra special as punks and metal heads came together and sold out the show.

After enduring six local opening bands, it was time for Doyle to come on stage at 11pm sharp. His bandmates came on stage first and Doyle himself stomped his way to the stage as the final member as they started the show with Abominator, the opening track from Doyle’s debut album of the same name. The floor came alive as a mosh pit formed as well as people shoving trying to get as close as possible to the front of the stage. Doyle’s music offers a range of heavy metal and horror punk which moshers loved as they kept doing what they love best. From here on out, singer Alex Story would introduce each song by saying, “this next song is a love song. You can dance to it if you want”. It made for some great humor in between songs. The next track played was Beast Like Me from the new album and is one of the more popular tracks from it. Seeing as how Doyle has two albums out, it means he has plenty of material to pick from for his show. On his previous tours, Doyle would throw in some classic Misfits tunes for fans, but sadly this was not the case for this tour. Still, fans had a good time as Doyle stomped on stage and Story used the whole stage as his playground as the band crushed through songs like Cemeterysexxx, HeadHunter, Valley of Shadows, and DreamingDeadGirls. Even the band’s previous drummer Brandon Pertzborn came out to jam for a couple of songs. Doyle is a fun and wild band to see live, especially if you’re a fan of the Misfits. Story ended the show by saying, “and with that, I Hope Hell Is Warm” as the band played the final song of the night then said goodnight to the audience and left the stage.


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