Industrial metal legends Ministry released their highly anticipated fourteenth studio album AmeriKKKant on March 9th, 2018. The first single Antifa was first performed at the 2017 Blackest of the Black festival. Since the album’s release, Ministry has been touring and are currently on their USA headlining tour featuring The God Bombs and Chelsea Wolfe. The second stop on the tour was the Majestic Ventura Theater in Ventura, California. Not too many metal bands come through to Ventura County so it’s nice when one doesn’t need to make the 1-2 hour drives to Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Pomona, etc. A Ministry show on a Friday after a long work week was the perfect way to relieve stress.
As the opening acts finished their sets, the stage was being setup for Ministry which included fake TV sets, lights, and giant inflatable chickens with a crossed out Swastika on their chest. Judging by their hair, the chickens were obviously made to poke fun at Donald Trump which Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen has openly said he despises him. By the time Ministry came on stage, the venue had a healthy turn out of fans. The lights went out and the band members came out one by one as DJ Swamp played the intro to the new album titled I Know Words, a phrase used by Trump at one of his speeches. The intro track features a mock remix of Trump’s infamous speech where he says, “we will make America great again”. The track went perfect with the screen in the background that was going to the slow speed of the remix. The intro track ended and all the band members except for Jourgensen were on stage as they started the show with the next track from the new album, Twilight Zone. Jourgensen finally came out with a harmonica and would alternate between singing the song and playing the harmonica segments of the song. The next song played was the next song from the new album, Victims of a Clown. As the song started, Jourgensen introduced the guest vocalist for the tour which was Burton C. Bell who is also the singer for the metal band, Fear Factory. Punch in the Face was the next song played and after that, Ministry focused on one of their Bush-era albums titled Rio Grande Blood as they played their three live staple hits Señor Peligro (Mr. Danger), LiesLiesLies, and the album’s title track, Rio Grande Blood. The screen in the background showed lots of depictions revolving around the band’s music which involved war, politics, religion, and violence in the world. Some of the best ones shown were caricatures of Trump and Hillary Clinton fighting each other as if it was a giant monster brawl. Another showed a cartoon of Trump which an eagle’s nest for hair and showed a bald eagle laying an egg in it. Ministry went back to perform three more new songs which were Wargasm, We’re Tired of It, and Antifa. Jourgensen took a quick break to let the fans know that for this upcoming quarter, that they should go out and vote. Ministry had partnered up with HeadCount to empower young people with their right to vote. Now that Ministry had gotten all of their newer material out of the way, it was time to bring out the classics  that fans had been craving. The first was the band’s juggernaut hit, Just One Fix. The fans in the mosh had been moshing all night, but went extra crazy when those notes hit and they knew what song it was. The chorus line involving the song’s title had fans singing along and raising their horns and fists in the air. N.W.O was another one of the band’s biggest hits and also drove the mosh pit wild. Both of those songs were from the band’s certified platinum and gold album,  Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs. When fans heard the intro riff to Thieves, they once again lost their minds to another one of Ministry‘s best songs. It was perhaps the best and most energetic song of the night as a few crowd surfers showed up, people were jumping, and of course the mosh pit stayed active. To end their set, Ministry played their 8-minute song So What and it also had fans shouting along to the chorus of, “So What!”. Ministry left the stage and all seemed quiet. The fans cheered and chanted the band’s name for them to come back out. After a couple of minutes, the band members made their way back to the stage. Jourgensen once again urged the fans to get out there and vote. For the encore, Ministry played another old favorite, Bad Blood from their 1999 album, Dark Side of the Spoon. The fans cheered as Ministry waved goodbye and left the stage for the final time.


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