Novareign are a progressive power/speed metal band from Los Angeles, Ca. On February 16, 2018; they released their debut album, Legends. For a few years, Novareign has been slowly, but surely reaching the top of the mountain as they’ve been conquering show after show and opening for big names such as Michael Schenker just recently at the Grove in Anaheim, California. On this day, they would perform at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go for the first time to a nicely packed audience. Novareign started the show with Call on the Storm, the first track on the new album. Right away, yours ears will be shredded by the dual guitar speed from guitarists Danny Nobel and Balmore Lemus. In jumps in singer David “Icarus” Marquez with his high-pitch singing that would make heavy metal singers proud. As with most traditional power metal bands, their music includes some long songs. Even the opening song stands right at seven minutes and made for a great opening song. The next song played was Heavy Heart, another great track from the album. The audience responded really well to their music as they moshed and banged their heads to the music. With a short set to use, Novareign ended their show with Black as the Dead of Night, an almost nine minute finale. Novareign‘s career is just barely getting started and for sure will have many more opportunities to share the stage with other rock and metal legends.
Bonded By Blood are an American thrash metal band from Pomona, California. They named themselves after the debut album from San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal legends, Exodus. The group formed in 2005 and released their debut album Feed the Beast in 2008. To celebrate the occasion, they played this special show to celebrate the album’s tenth anniversary and would play the album in its entirety. Plenty of fans were in attendance and were more than ready to get thrashed out of their minds. Bonded By Blood came out and started the show with the first track from the album, Immortal Life. Right away, fans started moshing once again as the thrash metal music hit. Their fast and heavy music hit you hard and will easily make you throw your horns in the air as well as head bang. Bonded By Blood continued the thrash metal assault as they played through tracks like Necropsy, The Evil Within, Vengeance, and Self-Immolation. Singer Mauro noted how the venue was packed, even for a Thursday. He asked for the crowd to get louder if they wanted more fast music. After a few attempts, the band was convinced. The highlight of their performance came when they finally played the title of the album, Feed the Beast. The crowd got even more insane as they had clearly been waiting for that song. Up next was the final song on the album and Mauro once again noted how the fans had been requesting a certain song since they started performing. He asked, “what do you wanna eat?” and the audience responded with, “Pizza!”. Bonded By Blood played Theme from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and was a great thrash metal twist to the classic TV show intro. To end the show, Bonded By Blood played The Aftermath from their third album of the same name. It was the last chance that Hollywood had to really get crazy. Bonded By Blood finished up their set, thanked the audience for coming out, then left the stage. Shows like this prove that no matter what day of the week, dedicated metal heads will come out and rage.






Bonded By Blood


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