The weekend hails upon So-Cal and with only a month’s notice, we are graced with the presence of Richmond’s beloved Municipal Waste. Recently I was able to catch this spectacle with the Mr. Pickles tour opening for the Bay area’s, Exodus which was nothing but a fantastic show. This evening in particular was just as epic. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve witnessed a room go completely ballistic and its a sight to behold every time. My take on this show is best described as complete madness and in the best way possible. Alongside MW were 3 opening bands: The Trappist, Savage Master, and Despise You.
Savage Master: Though as usual being in the LA area I always have the hardest time catching the opening band which was ‘Despise you’ I was lucky enough to walk in as ‘Savage Master’ took the stage. Ive seen this band on a smaller stage a few months back and since then have been in touch with catching them on future gigs. Like most Women fronted bands you adhere to a certain type of vibe, however, SM is able to deliver in a crowding venue as the seconds go by. With bangers such as “With whips and chains, “Burning Leather” and “Ready to Sin” they’re able to keep the crowd growing and chanting. These hellions are best fitted into the traditional heavy metal scene with pounding fists, leather and chains being the way they represent themselves and their music. Truly heavy and worth catching on any future shows.
Black Hooves
Vengeance Is Steel
With Whips and Chains
Satan’s Crown
Looking for a Sacrifice
Burning Leather
Dark Light of the Moon
Ready to Sin
The Ripper in Black
Death Rides the Highway
The Trappist:
Now, I’m one for being open minded through and through because I feel that its the best way to enjoy anything and everything. This band surprisingly made me consider that statement just a tad bit. Definitely won’t say anything negative on their behalf since they of course have their own unique style of doing things. The best way I can describe ‘ The Trappist’ would be speedy gutter grindcore. Don’t quote me on that exact label, but to me it’s what fit best. With a few tunes that were literally only about 5 seconds long and what appeared to be off tempo rhythm. I am definitely sure I heard one song played about 3 times. This band can bring a crowd together as well as make’em move. I can see that half of the people were into it while the other were just as confused as I was. This does not mean they aren’t any good, it just goes to show that there are times when these kinds of bands aren’t worth bringing to this sort of lineup. Nonetheless; If I do happen to catch them live again I’m sure it would be with their extreme types of bands playing alongside.
No Soldier Left Behind
This Means Wort
Victims Of A Bomber Raid
Patron Saints
Giving The Boot 
Municipal Waste:
Now, the main reason why this house was entirely full, with fans out at the front door asking anyone and everyone who had a spare ticket at a fully sold out show. After announcing that 100 tickets were left and in a few short hours being completely gone, there’s only one thing you’d have to expect at a show like this. The only predicament I fell into when taking photos during the Wastes set was that there was little to no room you could consider “safe” especially for a camera lens. With fists flying and legs kicking high up in the air and what looked like 20 people up on the center stage simultaneously, the venue was engulfed entirely with angst and rage. Heavy hitting jammers such as “Unleash the Bastards”, “Beer Pressure” and “Slime and Punishment”, the room echoes with chants and screams from all the die hards shouting alongside Tony Foresta’s lyrics. Crunchy rhythms and ripping bass tones are what give MW that signature speed metal punk sound you just love to get active to. The band currently has one show itself in the states before heading over to Canada and then to partake in a number of festivals overseas. Besides MW, the band members are also playing a few shows in their other bands ‘Bat’ and ‘Iron Reagan’. Make sure you check them out as well, as far as performance goes. This band always delivers a party wherever they land!

Breathe Grease

Mind Eraser

You’re Cut Off

I Want to Kill the President

Substitute Creature 

Slime & Punishment

Parole Violators
Headbanger Face Rip 
Terror Shark 

Born To Party

The Inebriator
The Art of Partying
Photos and review by Hugo Juarez

Municipal Waste


The Trappist


Savage Master

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