Wintersun is a melodic death metal band from Finland. In 2017 they released their third album, The Forest Seasons. This was the first album since the release of their second album Time 1 in 2012. The album consists of only four songs, one per season. Though only four songs, the songs themselves are lengthy at 12-15 minutes each and take you on a journey through each season. After five long years, Wintersun made their return to the USA. One of the stops on the tour was the beautiful Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, California. Even before doors opened, fans were lined up outside waiting to see one of Finland’s  finest bands.

The lights went out and the packed venue went into a frenzy. The members of Wintersun came out and started playing the first track from the newest album, Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring). Frontman Jari Mäenpää was the last to come out just in time to start singing the vocals to the song. Mäenpää has a truly stunning voice as he sang with growls matching the album perfectly. If you can get used to the long songs, the music itself is some of the most beautiful melodic death metal you will ever hear making you feel both majestic and as if you are floating in space. After almost fifteen minutes, the first song came to an end as Mäenpää sang the final lyric, “Die and be born agaaaain!” which had fans singing along. For the second song, Wintersun went back to their 2004 self-titled album and performed Winter Madness, one of their more popular tracks which was well received by fans. Two more songs from the debut album would be performed which were Sleeping Stars and Starchild. Back to performing songs from the newest album, Wintersun next played Loneliness (Winter) which is one of the most beautiful songs that Wintersun plays. The moshing stopped and everyone’s eyes were on stage as Wintersun played this emotional song. Wintersun finally next played a song from their Time 1 album which was the first track Sons of Winter and Stars and it had people singing along to the catchy chorus. Back to the newest album, Wintersun next played The Forest That Weeps (Summer) and is perhaps the best song on the album. Normally the chorus has a choir featuring singers from other Finnish metal bands, but for this tour, all the members of the band would perform the choir chorus and it still sounded beautiful just as it does on the album. Wintersun surprised the audience by performing a brand new song titled Storm. As to whether this song will be in the next album or an EP of some sort remains to be seen. Sadly, it was time for the show to come to an end. For the end, Wintersun played Battle Against Time then left the stage. Fans weren’t ready to go home just yet and stayed chanting the band’s name. After a brief break, Wintersun came back out for one last song. The encore would be one of the band’s best songs, Time. A perfect fitting for the show’s end with it’s catchy and emotional chorus. The show had come to an end and Wintersun shook hands with fans and signed fans’ items. Hopefully it’s not another five years before Wintersun returns.


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