Angra is a power metal band from Brazil. With nine albums out and 25 years of existing, Angra announced their first ever full-on North American headlining tour. Throughout their career, Angra has had hiatuses and multiple lineup changes. One recently was when guitarist Kiko Loureiro joined thrash metal legends, Megadeth. Aside from this tour, Angra has only played selected shows here in the US and now fans can finally enjoy one of power metal’s most legendary acts. On February 16, 2018, Angra released their ninth studio album, ├śmni (Latin for “Everything”). One of the stops on the tour was the world-famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California.

Angra came out and started the show with Newborn Me and were greeted with cheers from their Hollywood fans. Angra quickly proved that they are one of the best power metal bands in the world as both guitarists shred away with speed and precision giving power metal it’s classic Helloween/Iron Maiden sound. On vocals currently is none other than Italian singer Fabio Lione who is most famously known for being the singer for Italian power metal band Rhapsody of Fire for 21 years. The second song performed was a song from the new album, Travelers of Time. For the third song, Angra went back to their classic albums and played one of the most popular songs Angels and Demons from their 2004 album, Temple of Shadows. Fans cheered for this classic and happily sang along to the song’s catchy chorus. Angra played a solid mix of classic and new material which included Black Widow’s Web, Nothing to Say, Upper Levels and Spread Your Fire. One of the tracks performed was The Bottom of My Soul and it features guitarist Rafael Bittencourt on vocals as well as guitars. Bittencourt is the only sole original member of the band as well as one of the founding members. The final song of the night was Magic Mirror and soon after, Angra left the stage. Fans weren’t ready to go home just yet even though it was 12:30am on a Monday night. Bittencourt came back out to the stage for a speech and thanked the audience for coming out as well as talk about how proud he is of the band and thanked all the previous band members for all of their work. The rest of Angra would come out to perform two encores. The first encore was Rebirth from their 2001 album of the same name. To end the night, Angra performed Nova Era from the same album. Fans cheered as Angra wrapped up their show and lots of smiles could be seen as they were happy to finally see them. Hopefully it’s not another long wait before Angra returns to the states.


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