An evening of blasphemy takes its toll at the center of downtown as the Elegy Ensemble, Church of the 8th day and Space Land productions brings us a night of Heavy Metal Mayhem. Pulling off a lineup of 9 classic acts with locals such as Nightmare, Casket Crusher, Evilization, Sector, Dread, Dismantle, and Scrapmetal. At the very top of the lists were heavy the heavy tyrants in Ruthless and headlining this monster is German legends Iron Angel! With the audience in low attendance throughout some parts the night I was able to shoot without issue up until the last band where the front side of the stage was bombarded with crazed fans. With one band opting out and a few members not showing up in another, what you do like of how this productions sets up there shows is that they keep everything on schedule even with situations such as this.

I’ll do my take on the last 3 bands even though I love every performance that’s listed on this bill and always encourage to check out the up incoming underground for their releases.

Scrapmetal takes the stage and I do what I can to make it to their set time whenever they grace us with their presence. These veterans are always giving out a quality sound that has your adrenaline pumping and asking for more. With rude and crude types of lyrics and pounding fast crunchy tones there’s no reason to sit back and relax every time they hit the stage!

Ruthless has been on my bucket list of bands to check out for the longest now and totally stoked that I get to hear and see them in the flesh. What I typically like about smaller dive bar kinda of venues is the intimacy you get for being so close to bands. Sure festivals are great for atmosphere but where you’re only inches to legends such as these it’s a whole other ballpark. I’d say my only conflict with this place is having a small stage, especially for a 5 piece. With no wiggle room any big move is definitely a risk. Still, the band delivers and carries on to a crowded room full of raging fans. The best songs of the night in my opinion were definitely hits such as “Gates of Hell”, “Metal Without Mercy”, and “Discipline of Steel”. Currently the band is in motion to bring out new material so hopefully it shines just as their old gold has been portrayed.


1) Cryptic Ruins
2) Gates of Hell
3) Atrocities
4) In Blood
5) Evil Within
6) Metal Without Mercy
7) Death March
8) Skulls
9) Defender
10) Discipline of Steel

Finally as the evening had unfolded Iron Angel has in seconds filled up the stage floor for all hell to break loose. It’s quite a spectacle to see such a heavy band like these legends to tear up a room and bring only the best kind of chaos into action. With related band structures and sounds similar (but just as unique) as Agent Steel, Exciter, and Hirax the only mode these guys play is heavy speed. Playing such hits like “Black Mass”, “Hellbound”, and “The Metallian”. The only thing you can see from the back is hair flying, fists pounding and blazing energy from its adoring crowd. The ambiance is definitely unsettling and grungy which has nothing to do with how grand the performance plays out, though having a band banner wouldn’t hurt. However, this doesn’t exclude the fact on how Iron Angel delivers on hell of a set and for that I’m grateful to witness such big influences in a smaller scale location. The band is currently dominating other countries across the glob such as Columbia, Brazil and Argentina. So if you’re hailing in any of these countries I’d suggest not sleeping on any of their upcoming dates and witness the madness that is Iron Angel.


1) Writings on the Wall
2) Sinner 666
3) Ministry In Metal
4) Hunter in Chains
5) Heavy Metal Soldiers
6) Waiting for a Miracle
7) Blood and Leather
8) Black Mass
9) Son of a Bitch
10) Hellbound
11) Legions of Metal
12) Metalstorm
13) The Metallion
14) Fight for your life
15) Stronger than Steel
16) Carnivore Flashmob
17) Rush of Power

Photos and review by Hugo Juarez


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