Municipal Waste is a hardcore punk/crossover thrash metal band from Richmond, Virginia. In 2017,  they released their sixth studio album, Slime and Punishment. Municipal Waste has been actively touring for the album and just recently announced The Speed of the Wizard Tour with High On Fire, Toxic Holocaust, and Haunt. High On Fire had to drop out of the tour due to surgery for frontman Matt Pike. In their place was the punk rock supergroup, OFF! The final stop on the tour was The Observatory in Santa Ana, California. The venue was packed with metalheads ready to get this wild night started.

Municipal Waste was the headlining band of the night. Fans were impatiently waiting for the band as they were shouting, “Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!”. The lights went out and the fans screamed as the members made their way to the stage. Frontman Tony Foresta introduced the band by saying, “We are Municipal Waste from Richmond, Virginia!”. Municipal Waste started their show with Bourbon Disciple from the newest album. Right away, the fans went wild with a mosh pit and soon after, crowd surfers started to make an appearance. The second song played was one of their popular and catchy songs, Sadistic Magician. The fans went wild for thrash metal and the crowd surfers and mosh pits kept coming. Stage divers were plentiful as well as crowd surfers would make their way to the stage. Security tried to slow the amount of stage divers, but Foresta had to let them know that it was ok to let them come up on stage. After all, it wouldn’t be a Municipal Waste show without stage divers and chaos. The speed metal punks never had a calm moment on their show as they unleashed fast riffs and played classics such as Beer Pressure, Unleash the Bastards, Terror Shark, and Poison the Preacher. Foresta noticed a fan dressed as a wizard and so brought him on stage to rock out with the band and eventually convinced him to stage dive and join in on the fun. The mosh pits only seemed to get faster and wilder as Municipal Waste performed more thrashy hits like Breathe Grease, Mind Eraser, The Thrashin’ of the Christ, and the deep cut Nailed Casket. The mosh pits got so violent during this time that fans were being dragged out looking like they were on the verge of passing out and were even bleeding. A few stage divers were unfortunate enough to not be caught landing and nastily landed on the floor and were also seen being carried out with injuries. The end was near for Municipal Waste as they performed their most famous track Born to Party which also drives fans the most wild as they sing along to the ending lyric, “Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!”. Municipal Waste finished the show and left the stage. Fans weren’t ready to go home yet and stayed put. Municipal Waste came back out for some encores and started with Bangover. Foresta has no problem showing his hate and disgust for Donald Trump saying, “Donald Trump can kiss my ass!”. Municipal Waste played another new track, I Want to Kill the President. It was time for the grand finale of the show and what better way  for Municipal Waste to drive the fans wild once again  than to play The Art of Partying. The fans once again gave their blood, sweat, and tears to Municipal Waste for one last song. Municipal Waste always puts on one of the craziest shows you’ll ever see so if mosh pits and stage diving is something you love to do, then be sure to go see them for a truly epic night.



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