The Metal and Beer Festival kicked off at the famous Troubadour in Hollywood, California. The Friday edition of the festival was a special pre-fest show. The lineup had Persekutor, black metal band Uada, heavy metal locals Night Demon, and Los Angeles’ own heavy metal veterans, Armored Saint. The Metal and Beer Festival kicked off at the famous Troubadour in Hollywood, California. To no surprise, the show sold out ahead of time. The show was set to be an explosive opening night for the Metal and Beer Festival.

    Night Demon is a heavy metal band from Ventura, California. They released their second album Darkness Remains in 2017 and in August released a live album, Live Darkness. Night Demon came out and started with Welcome to the Night and made for a perfect entry song. Their sound is a nod to all the classic 80’s heavy metal bands. One of the highlights from their show is when they perform The Chalice and their mascot comes out on stage with a chalice. Night Demon has a great stage presence to keep you entertained and was only matched by the show’s ending when they played their self-titled song, Night Demon. They are still a young band, but they’ll surely carry the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound with them for many years to come.
    Armored Saint made their return to the Troubadour since their last stop at the venue in 1983. Armored Saint recently wrapped up their tour where they’ve been performing their 1991 album Symbol of Salvation in its entirety. On this special occasion, Armored Saint would perform a “no hits” setlist and perform some oddities from their catalog. The Troubadour was packed to capacity and plenty of Armored Saint fans were seen in attendance of various ages. Armored Saint came out and were greeted with cheers from their devoted fans. The first song played was That Was Then, Way Back When. Fans cheered with joy as Armored Saint played their songs to perfection and all the members were happy to be in front of a sold out crowd in their hometown. The second song played was Pay Dirt from their 2000 album, Revelation. Even though the songs performed were obscure from their usual hits, longtime and hardcore fans were still seen with smiles and singing along to the songs to show that they didn’t know just the hits.  Singer John Bush spoke to the fans and thanked them for coming out and talked about the last time Armored Saint was last at the venue in 1983. The show went on as Armored Saint played more obscure hits like Book of Blood, An Exercise in Debauchery, Left Hook From Right Field, and Symbol of Salvation. Armored Saint kept up the energy to their performance in true heavy metal fashion with thunderous drums and shredding guitars. Their hometown of Los Angeles always welcomes  the band with open arms and makes Armored Saint feel right at home. With the show coming close to an end, Armored Saint played Win Hands Down and Nervous Man to finish off the set. A great start to the Metal and Beer Fest which also premiered Armored Saint‘s new beer, Symbol of Salvation.

Armored Saint


Night Demon



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