Stone Sour released their sixth studio album Hydrograd in 2017. Since then, they have been actively touring for the album all over the world. Their current tour came to an end at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California and what better way to welcome the band with a sold out show. Support came from Joyous Wolf and Aeges. The venue filled up quickly with it being packed even by the time Joyous Wolf came out to start the show.

Joyous Wolf is a newly formed rock band from Southern California formed in 2014. The band is still very young with only two tracks available for purchase which are a Mountain cover of Mississippi Queen and the original track, Slow Hand. The band is currently hard at work at releasing their new album so 2019 will be their year to make themselves known even more. Joyous Wolf came out to a packed venue and were welcomed by the audience. Their music is as if 60’s rock never left which was a nice change of pace compared to a lot of rock bands that tend to sound the same. Joyous Wolf was very energetic during their performance¬† and made sure to leave marks on the audience and surely made lots of new fans. Frontman Nick Reese introduced the song Mississippi Queen by asking the audience if the knew the song. Fans could be seen singing along to this classic tune that surely everyone in the audience knew. Joyous Wolf had a very energetic stage presence and it was nice to see them play to a much bigger audience than what they’re used to playing in much smaller venues. Joyous Wolf had a short set, but they made every minute count and will surely only get bigger as their career expands.

Stone Sour was obviously the main band of the night with plenty of loyal fans in the audience that were eager to see them. The lights went out and the sold out crowd went wild as the members of Stone Sour came out. Singer Corey Taylor also of Slipknot fame was the last one to come as the band started the show with Taipei Person/Allah Tea, the first track from the newest album. Stone Sour was immediately welcomed by the sold out crowd and you could tell Stone Sour was happy to be in the presence of this sold out crowd. The next tracks performed were Do Me a Favor and Knievel Has Landed. Taylor was more than happy to introduce his bandmates to the audience, especially guitarist Josh Rand who he has been writing music with since Rand was 15 years old. Taylor would bring out some props for the fans including a bazooka that shoots out confetti. Stone Sour continued playing hits such as Absolute Zero, 30-30/150, Bother, and Tired which were all beautiful songs by the band. Taylor sang every song to perfection with his amazing vocal skills proving he’s one of rock and metal’s best singers alive. The crowd would sing along to the songs as well as mosh during the band’s heavier songs. Stone Sour played Get Inside from their debut self-titled 2002 album and proved to be one of the best songs of the night as fans went crazy during that song as well as sang along. For the end of the set, Taylor once again brought out a guitar in order to play what is perhaps their most beautiful song, Through Glass. A very emotional song, the crowd stood still in awe and everyone could be seen singing along to this beautiful song. Stone Sour finished the song, thanked the audience, then left the stage. The audience stayed put and chanted for the band to come back out. After a little while, Stone Sour came back out and thanked the audience for all the years of support and would give them a couple of encores. The first encore was the popular track, Made of Scars. To end the night, Stone Sour played the first single from the newest album, Fabuless. A great ending to a great concert as fans let out whatever energy they had left with mosh pits and singing along. Stone Sour left the stage once more, but left nothing but smiles on their fans.


Stone Sour


Joyous Wolf

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