Captured! By Robots is perhaps one of the strangest, yet interesting acts one will ever see. As the name suggests, the theme of the band is that robots have taken over and the stage is set up like a post-apocalyptic world. Robots named GTRBOT666 (guitar/bass) and DRMBOT0110 (drums) serve as the primary sound of the band while JBOT (vocals) is held captive by the robots shown in chains and dirty clothing. Yes, the robots actually do play the instruments! The music style is grindcore so there’s lots of fast and heavy music with screaming deep growls. The show itself was spectacular and is something you must see to believe. In between songs, the robots would talk trash and insult the audience showing their success of world dominance. The show came to an end when DRMBOT0110 challenged a member of the audience to a drum-off. Loser dies! After a grueling drum battle, the human emerged victorious so he may live to tell the tale. Captured! By Robots is a band worth checking out if they ever come to the area.
     People Mover (PPL MVR) is another very interesting band. If you’ve ever wondered what a band led by Yetis would sound like, this is the band to check out. Their music is a bit hard to categorize as they seem to alternate between stoner metal and autotuning. You may be confused at first as to what exactly you’re looking at, but after a while, you’ll be hypnotized by their movements and music. Almost like a 60’s psychedelic rock band on an acid trip. The band is led by SNWBLL (guitar/vocals), K-Po (bass), and Q (drums). The band is often mischievous on stage taunting each other and trying to communicate with the audience with grunts. The audience had fun watching this interesting band and should be checked out by anyone that likes bizarre bands and music.
     The Dickies are punk rock legends from Los Angeles. To see them on a lineup like this was a bit odd, but still a great choice nonetheless. Plenty of audience members were seen sporting The Dickies merch as well as traditional punk garments like spiked jackets and torn shirts/pants. The Dickies came out and filled the venue with classic punk rock as they have been playing for forty years now. The mosh pits started and the punk rock show was underway. Frontman Leonard Graves Phillips was very energetic and comedic during the whole performance as he would jump and dance showing why he’s one of punk’s greatest frontmen. To go along with the performance, Phillips would bring out a variety of items to go along with the songs played. Some of those items included a dog puppet for Doggie Do, water goggles and snorkel for Waterslide, and even an inflatable sex doll. The Dickies have been around for forty years and they’re clearly not slowing down anytime soon and still have plenty to offer for fans.
     Headlining the show was the Black Sabbath Drive-Thru metal band known as Mac Sabbath. At first, you won’t really think what to think of the name. Once you see them come on stage and hear the music, it will all make sense. Mac Sabbath perform the music of heavy metal godfathers Black Sabbath, but change the lyrics to match that of fast food products. Black Sabbath fans can easily determine the original Black Sabbath song names based on the Mac Sabbath titles. The curtains lifted and revealed on stage to the members of Mac Sabbath which were Grimalice (bass), Slayer MacCheeze (guitar), The Catburglar (drums), and coming out last in a straitjacket, Ronald Osbourne (vocals). Mac Sabbath began their greasy performance with N.I.B.B.L.E. and right away you could feel the two themes coming together like the perfect burger. The next song performed was More Ribs followed by Organic Funeral. Mac Sabbath brought out plenty of toys to play with as Osbourne acted like a clown and really had tricks up his sleeve. One of his tricks involved eating a burger patty prior to the performance of Sweet Beef and vomiting inside of a bucket. He would pretend like he was going to chuck the vomit onto the audience and when he finally did, out came…confetti. Other tricks including spraying the audience with water from ketchup and mustard bottles, and party snakes coming out of bottles. At one point, Osbourne somehow took out a really long straw from his under garments and had his fast food employee chug a beer down one end of the straw as Osbourne drank from the other. During the performance of Frying Pan, Osbourne brought out a frying pan and set it on fire as he prepared to cook his next meal. He brought out a bat and was going to recreate one of the most infamous incidents in metal as he put the bat between the burger buns and bit the head off. Mac Sabbath finished the show and left the stage. The audience wasn’t ready to go home yet and stayed behind. After a little while, Mac Sabbath came out to perform Pair-A-Buns and joining them on stage was The Dickies guitarist, Stan Lee. Osbourne helped himself to some crowd surfing or as he called it, clown surfing. The whole show was highly entertaining and anyone that didn’t show up clearly missed one of the most comical shows of the year.

Mac Sabbath


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Captured! By Robots

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