Septicflesh is a symphonic death metal band from Greece. In 2017, they released their tenth studio album Codex Omega and have been actively touring since then. Septicflesh is currently at work on their eleventh album. The band’s lyrics deal with religion, folklore, history, myths, and legends. Septicflesh came out to a packed venue and started the show with a song from the newest album, Portrait of a Headless Man. The heaviness of the music filled the venue as a mosh pit started and fog cannons filled the stage as frontman Spiros “Seth” Antoniou belched his deep death metal growls onto the audience. They are also known for their use of choirs in their songs giving them their symphonic death metal sound. The next song was one of their best songs and one of their most popular tracks, The Vampire From Nazareth. A catchy song that’s hard not to sing along to the chorus. Septicflesh has a powerful performance on stage and always puts on a killer performance. Septicflesh made sure to play their best hits for this tour and some of those hits included Anubis, Pyramid God, Martyr, and Enemy of Truth. With a short set, Antoniou announced the end of their show and told everyone that they were all…a Dark Art. Septicflesh ended with Dark Art as it made for the perfect ending song. Septicflesh left the stage with the headlining band of the tour waiting to come out.
Ensiferum is a folk metal band from Finland. In 2017 they released their seventh album, Two Paths. As all traditional folk metal bands, Ensiferum‘s lyrics deal with fantasy, history, Nordic, and battles. The lights went out and the crowd cheered as the members of Ensiferum made their way to the stage in traditional folk metal attire and war paint. Ensiferum started the show with For Those About to Fight For Metal. Frontman Petri Lindroos sang in traditional folk metal growls and sent the crowd into a mosh pit and even crowd surfers made an appearance every now and then. The second song performed was the title track from the newest album Two Paths followed by one of their newer fan-favorite’s, Heathen Horde. The music of Ensiferum will either wanna make you bang your head or dance. Probably both. With the new songs out of the way, Ensiferum went on to play their popular songs. Up next was the fun and catchy track, Twilight Tavern and had fans moshing and singing along to the chorus. Other fun songs to dance to included Treacherous Gods, Lai Lai Hei, From Afar, and Way of the Warrior. The show seemed to come to an end as Ensiferum wanted to see the biggest mosh pit LA could give them and so they ended the show with Two of Spades. Ensiferum left the stage, but the fans weren’t ready to go home just yet. After a quick break, Ensiferum came back out to deliver some encores. The first encore was Guardians of Fate. The next encore was one Ensiferum‘s best songs, In My Sword I Trust which the fans loved singing the chorus to. Now nearing the end of the show, Lindroos let the fans know that this next song they should know and mimicked the accordion part by saying “da-dadada, da-dadada” to which crowd sang back to him during the beginning to the song, Iron, another one of Ensiferum‘s best songs. Ensiferum finished their set and seemed to jam on stage for a bit before deciding to treat the fans to a folk metal cover of Guns N’ RosesSweet Child O’ Mine and had the audience singing along to the chorus. Ensiferum hadn’t played the USA since their last tour in 2015 and it was nice to see them finally come back and hopefully won’t be another four years before their return.





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