The annual Decibel Magazine tour was underway and this year proved to be another brutal year. This year featured death metal legends Morbid Angel as well as metal bands Necrot and Blood Incantation. Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse would headline the tour from February 17-March 7. After that, death metal band Immolation would headline from March 8 till the tour’s end on March 14. The 4th stop on the tour was the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles and to no surprise, the show sold out ahead of time. The venue was flooded with dedicated metalheads as Morbid Angel was set to go on.
The lights went out and the venue cheered as the curtains lifted to reveal Morbid Angel on stage as the venue was filled with death metal as they started the show with Piles of Little Arms. The crowd went wild with mosh pits as the death metal legends unleashed hell onto Los Angeles. Up next were the tracks D.E.A.D. and Garden of Disdain. All the songs performed were brutal and on point with the combination of Steve Tucker’s bass and guttural vocals to Trey Azagthoth’s sweet guitar solos and powerful riffs. The mosh pits and crowd surfers never stopped as Morbid Angel continued to pulverize Los Angeles with hard-hitting songs such as Nothing Is Not, Blasphemy, Prayer of Hatred, and God of Emptiness. The show was thought to be over, but not before Morbid Angel came back out and played an encore of Blood on My Hands. Morbid Angel wrapped up their show and thanked the audience for coming out and made way for one of death metal’s finest bands.
Cannibal Corpse are without a doubt one of the biggest and best death metal bands of all time with over two million album sales. A couple of months ago, Cannibal Corpse were in some hot water when guitarist Pat O’Brien was arrested for burglary and assault from a very misunderstood situation. Until things are settled, guitarist Erik Rutan of death metal band Hate Eternal will be filling in for guitar duties. The lights went out once again and the crowd once again went into a frenzy as the curtains were lifted to reveal the death metal legends on stage. Cannibal Corpse started their show with Code of the Slashers from their newest album, Red Before Black. The crowd went absolutely wild with crowd surfers and brutal mosh pits. Fans were seriously hurt one way or another and they did it all in the name of metal. Two more songs from the new album One Will Die and Red Before Black were played and were just as brutal. One of the main highlights of the show is watching vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher headspin with his gigantic neck and is one of the most entertaining sights in metal. Cannibal Corpse continued to brutalize Los Angeles as they played classics such as Scourge of Iron, Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead, The Wretched Spawn, and A Skull Full of Maggots. Such disgusting song titles that are often brought up in controversies, but still awesome! Fisher announced this next song as a love song and that it was about “shooting blood from your cock!”. The fans cheered knowing what was coming next as Fisher belted out, “I…Cum…Blooood!” and so Cannibal Corpse played one of their most popular hits I Cum Blood which once again drove the fans wild and kept the mosh pits brutal. another song was played which was Make Them Suffer before announced one more song of the night and of the fans wanted more, they would have to scream as loud as possible. The fans screamed as loud as they could. Fisher said after hearing their pleas and after considering it…it was still the last song! HA! Then continued on to call himself a heartbreaker. Cannibal Corpse finished their show with Stripped, Raped, and Strangled which one of the most brutal songs played that night. Cannibal Corpse finished the song and stayed on stage as Fisher screamed into the mic, “Hammer…Smashed…Faaaace!”. It seems the audience got their one last song and it was one of the most popular and brutal songs in metal, Hammer Smashed Face. It is recognizable by its intro and bass solo by legendary metal bassist Alex Webster. The fans went berserk with crowd surfers showing up and a mosh pit so brutal, it hurt just by watching it. Cannibal Corpse finished up the show and left the venue in a surprising standing state. Los AngelesĀ  always awaits Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel.


Cannibal Corpse


Morbid Angel

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