Electronic/industrial metal legends Lords of Acid released their sixth studio album Pretty In Kink in 2018. With that, they embarked on a tour across the USA to spread the love and kink. The second stop on the tour was the Regent Theater and Los Angeles was more than ready to get their kink on, especially on a Friday night. Genitorturers have been active since 1986 and are one of the leading bands of the underground industrial metal scene. Their live performances include latex outfits, gimp masks, whips, and of course, metal grinders on metal with sparks flying everywhere giving in to the genre, industrial metal. They are a band to witness live if they ever come to your area. Up next was the industrial rock band, Orgy. First appearing in 1998, they have only released three albums so far with their fourth album titled Entropy still being made with an undetermined release date. They have a very energetic stage presence that got the crowd pumped up whether their audience had old school fans of theirs or new. Orgy finished up their show and now it was time for the Lords of Acid to sex things up.
Lords of Acid came out and started the show with Sex Bomb. Their music is heavily inspired by techno and rave music so it’s easy to dance to and get in the groove. The second song was Scrood Bi U from their 2001 album, Farstucker. They are known for their outrages sexual lyrics and sound samples. Even then, it fits the band’s image and the lyrics are easy to follow along to and sing along to. This is the first tour to feature the new female vocalist Marieke Bresseleers and what eye candy she was to watch perform on stage. Watching her sing and dance at the same time, it’s impossible to not be hypnotized by her. The band also features guitarist and two time Grammy-nominated Sin Quirin who is also the guitarist for industrial metal legends, Ministry. Leading on the groovy bass is DieTrich Thrall who is a former bassist for the solo band of Misfits legend, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Praga Khan serves and vocalist and keyboardist and is the sole original member since the band’s inception in 1988. Other sexed up songs to get the audience warmed up included Sex Cam Girl, Out Comes the Evil, and You Belong to Me. It was around this time of the show when Lords of Acid started bringing out the good stuff as Khan played the familiar keyboard intro to one of their famous songs, Rough Sex. The song is very catchy and fun to sing along to the lyrics, “I Think about pure sex, deep sex, hard sex, rough sex” then get hit with a pure techno beat that will have you dancing and jumping. The next song was Rubber Doll and what better way to get into the song than to have backup dancers bring out a sex doll complete with open mouth and drawn out hairy bush. The next hit was Voodoo-U and once again the crowd was seen dancing and singing along. Some more hits were played including Pussy, Lover, and The Most Wonderful Girl. Following the end of that, Khan jumped into another one of their most popular songs, I Sit on Acid. A very simple beat and lyrics, but it’s impossible to resist singing along to “sit on your face, I wanna sit on your face”. The show seemed to come to an end as the band left the stage. After a few minutes, they came back out for some encores. The first encore was Let’s Get High. The crowd still had plenty of energy left and continued to jump the music. The final song of the night was The Crab Louse which is naturally an ode to pubic lice. Lords of Acid wrapped up (no pun intended) their show and surely left their fans in a horny state so they too can spread the love.


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