Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation released their seventh studio album Resist on February 1, 2019. At last, they announced a USA tour, their first since they last came in 2014. Being one of the biggest symphonic metal bands in the world, American fans flocked to their shows with some traveling many miles or even attending more than one show to catch Within Temptation. Joining them on tour are Swedish melodic death metal giants In Flames and Smash Into Pieces. The final stop on the tour was at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. Even before doors opened, fans had lined up outside the venue in anticipation for the show. Smash Into Pieces and In Flames had warmed up the audience by the time Within Temptation came on stage.

The lights went out and the packed venue roared with excitement as the members of Within Temptation came out and started the show with the first track from the new album, The Reckoning (the original song features Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach). Fans were ecstatic to see Within Temptation after so long and for many fans in attendance, it was their first time seeing them. The next song was the second song from the new album, Endless War. Singer Sharon Den Adel continued to prove why she has one of the most beautiful voices in metal and in the world in general with her mezzo-soprano range. Hearing her sing is one of the most soothing, relaxing and most beautiful things you’ll hear in your life. Along to go with the performance, Within Temptation had a big screen in the background showing music videos for the songs as well as different images to go with the performance. The third song was one of their most popular songs In the Middle of the Night and it had fans singing along to the chorus and is also one of the band’s most beautiful songs. The next song was Stand My Ground and is also one of their signature songs that is played at all of their shows and once again displays Den Adel’s impressive vocal range. The next song was a very special treat for fans. Within Temptation next played the track All I Need which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful songs the band has ever written and everyone in the venue was either singing along or staring in awe as they were touched by the music and lyrics. Within Temptation continued to wow the audience and perform beautifully as they performed fan-favorites such as The Heart of Everything, an acoustic version of Ice Queen, Faster and Paradise (What About Us?) (features Tarja Turunen formerly of Nightwish). They also played some new tracks like In Vain and Supernova. To end the night, Within Temptation played another one of their biggest hits, What Have You Done (features Keith Caputo of Life of Agony). The audience was once again singing along to this amazing song. Within Temptation ended the song and left the stage. The fans had waited too long to go home this soon so they stayed and screamed for more. After a small break, Within Temptation came back for more, but were not alone. The first encore was another new song from the new album, Raise Your Banner. The song features Anders FridĂ©n from In Flames and since they are currently on tour with Within Temptation, it only made sense that he join them for the song and this special occasion was only done at the Los Angeles show. To end the night and tour, Within Temptation played their most popular song Mother Earth from their second 2000 album of the same name. It was a powerful song and beautifully executed. Within Temptation finished their show and once again thanked the audience then left the stage. Hopefully it’s not another five years before they return.


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