Colombian black metal band Thy Antichrist released their newest album Wrath of the Beast in 2018. Since then, they have been actively touring in support of the album. Thy Antichrist made an special one-off performance at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles with support from Aire Como Plomo and local acts Witchaven and Vile Descent. Los Angeles was more than ready for Thy Antichrist to take the stage and unleash hell.
The lights went out and the audience cheered as the members of Thy Antichrist came out one by one with vocalist Andres Vargas aka Antichrist 666 being the last one to come out with a staff in hand and wearing a robe hiding his grotesqueness. Thy Antichrist started the show with Between God and The Devil and all hell had broken lose. The first thing you’ll notice is how the band members are covered in black and white paint with armor to give themselves a truly sinister look. The music itself was enough to blow you away and the vocals were brutal to where you wanted to raise your horns and bang your head. The next song was a song from the new album called The Great Beast and is a catchy song to sing along to. The next song was Where Is Your God and features more of the traditional high-pitch black metal vocals which makes the song sound really good and makes you wonder how Vargas is able to maintain those vocals for so long. Throughout the performance, Vargas would live up to the band’s slogan of “Cuernos Arriba!” (Spanish for Horns Up!” as he would regularly raise his horns to the audience. One of the highlights of the show was when Thy Antichrist played Metal to the Bone, one of the best songs from the new album which fans singing along and raising their horns. The show seemed to come to an end as Thy Antichrist played the opening track from the new album Desolation then left the stage. Fans were still hungry for more as they stayed and cheered for the band. After a quick break, Thy Antichrist came back out for some encores. The first encore was Calamity Called Mankind followed by Nightmares. The fans were happy to get more Thy Antichrist in their soul as they continued to cheer and raise their horns. The show had to eventually come to an end and Thy Antichrist did so by playing Pseudo Gods. The show came to an end as Thy Antichrist came together to bow before their audience and took their leave. Hopefully it’s not long before they come back to rage again. Cuernos Arriba!


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