Swedish melodic death metal band Avatar released their seventh studio album Avatar Country in 2018. Since then, they have been actively touring all over the world performing for their old fans as well as making ton of new fans. Avatar embarked on a North American tour also featuring Devin Townsend, Dance With the Dead and ’68. One of the last stops on the tour was at the Mayan in Los Angeles, California and it was packed with metalheads hungry for one of Sweden’s finest bands.
The lights went out and fans cheered in excitement as fanfare music played over the speakers signaling the arrival of Avatar Country. Guitarist Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby took his place on a royal chair in the back overlooking the whole venue in his King outfit greeting the citizens of Los Angeles. A podium stood front and center of the stage as the rest of Avatar made their way to the stage and started the show with A Statue of the King. Singer Johannes Eckerström was the last member to come out and took his place on the podium and started singing the song with his traditional melodic death metal growls. The first thing you’ll notice is how the band wears matching Circus Ringmaster outfits which fits perfectly with the theme of the band. Right away, you see how energetic the band is with every member putting in work to be sure they’re not standing in one spot the whole show. Eckerström was especially mobile with plenty of hand motions, plenty of facial expressions, and of course sticking his tongue out a lot. The song ends and the King makes his way front and center of the stage once again sitting on his throne. The second song played was the new album’s first song, Legend of the King. After a perfectly executed song, the King took his place with the rest of the band as they played the fan-favorite song Paint Me Red which had the audience singing along. Avatar next played another one of their best songs Bloody Angel that sounds just as beautiful live as it does on the album. The song once again had the audience singing along and banging their head. Avatar never had a dull moment in their performance and kept the crowd entertained as they performed other favorites like King’s Harvest, The Eagle Has Landed, Tower, Puppet Show, Let It Burn and Smells Like a Freakshow. Avatar seemed to near the end of the show as they announced Torn Apart as the show’s finale. They left the stage and all seemed quiet for a bit. Eckerström came out after a quick break to talk to the crowd and decided to continue to the show and deliver some encores. Eckerström once again welcomed the crowd to Avatar Country with he and the rest of the band wearing new white Ringmaster outfits. Avatar performed one of the new album’s best songs, The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country. This song is extra fun as during the encore, Avatar drops a giant disco ball and fills the venue with bubbles. Because  nothing shows how metal you can be like blowing bubbles. Sadly, it was time for the show to come to an end and so Avatar decided to end their show with a bang. Avatar played their most popular song, Hail the Apocalypse. The crowd went wild and gave Avatar all their energy for the grand finale. Avatar ended the song, came out front and center of the stage to bid farewell, bowed to the citizens of LA, then left the stage once again. Avatar is one of the most entertaining bands to see live and even if you’ve never heard of them, they’re definitely worth seeing live as they will most likely leave you wanting more and make a fan out of you.


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