This year’s Devastation on the Nation tour proved to be a brutal one not to be missed. The tour is known for hosting some of the best metal bands around and brings them together for one unforgettable night. This tour featured some brutal bands like Poland’s Hate and legendary death metal act, Incantation. The tour was headlined by some of Europe’s finest metal bands and it was none other than Austria’s blackened death metal legion Belphegor and Sweden’s black metal lords, Dark Funeral. Los Angeles may have been the final stop on the tour, but was the first show to sell out in a couple of weeks after tickets went on sale! The event was held at the somewhat still new venue known as the 1720 Warehouse which has quickly, in fact, become one of LA’s most hated venues. A show like this that sold out quickly at a venue like this was a clear sign that the show should have been held at a bigger and better venue, but who thinks about that these days when it comes to booking shows? Regardless, it was set to be one of the best metal tours of the year.
Belphegor released their eleventh studio album titled Totenritual in 2017 and have been actively touring since then bringing their satanic imagery to their legions of fans. The lights went out and the packed venue cheered and chanted Belphegor‘s name as the band members made their way to the stage. The stage was setup with upside drown crosses, animals bones and snakes. Belphegor started their evil ritual with Sanctus Diaboli Confidimus. Belphegor unleashed their music to the packed venue and the fans went crazy. Frontman Helmuth sang with his diabolical vocals and made faces to terrorize his audience with. The next two tracks were tracks from the newest album which were¬†Totenkult – Exegesis of Deterioration and The Devil’s Son. In between songs, Helmuth would address the audience with his evil voice, chants and holding his hands together as if saying a prayer. Belphegor continued to lay waste to the Los Angeles crowd as they moshed to satanic hymns like Hell’s Ambassador, Stigma Diabolicum, Lucifer Incestus and Baphomet. It was time for Belphegor to say their farewells to the audience and finished the show with Gasmask Terror. Such a powerful performance and still one more band to go.
Dark Funeral released their sixth studio album Where Shadows Forever Reign in 2016. Dark Funeral last came to the USA in 2018 and before that, it had been several. For people that missed out last year, this was another chance to see one of Sweden’s most legendary bands. With plenty of fans in attendance, Dark Funeral needed no introduction. The lights went out and the crowd once again cheered as Dark Funeral came out and started with King Antichrist. The crowd went wild with mosh pits as Dark Funeral played classic black metal tunes with singer Heljarmadr singing with screams and shrieks. Dark Funeral came out wearing their traditional armor giving them a menacing look as well as traditional black metal corpse paint. Dark Funeral continued raging with Temple of Ahriman followed by My Dark Desires. It’s always great having black metal bands come to the USA, especially if they hardly ever come. Dark Funeral is not afraid to show how their lyrics always contain topics on Satanism and anti-Christianity. One such song performed was The Arrival of Satan’s Empire where Heljarmadr gets a traditional cross with Jesus Christ on it; licks it as well as rubs it all over his crotch. Not for the faint of heart or those who their religion seriously. Regardless, fans loved every minute of the performance and just couldn’t get enough. Dark Funeral continued the black metal assault with Nail Them to the Cross, The Secrets of the Black Arts, and Unchain My Soul. It was sadly time for the show to come to a full end. Dark Funeral thanked the audience for an amazing show and tour before wrapping it up with Where Shadows Forever Reign. The whole show was worth checking out with plenty of great acts on the bill. Many people missed out on this show due to it being held at such a small venue so hopefully bands of this caliber play at bigger venues.


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