Punk rock legends Bad Religion released their seventeenth studio album Age of Unreason on May 3, 2019. They are also preparing to go on their 40th anniversary next year. Since their formation in Los Angeles in 1980, Bad Religion has been delivering punk rock to the world. Even now they put on an energetic performance and get their fans going crazy. One of the stops was at the Ventura Theater in downtown Ventura, California. Ventura showed how big their punk scene is by selling out the venue weeks ahead of time. Bad Religion was ecstatic to perform in Ventura who have always welcomed them with open arms and consider Ventura their home away from home.
Bad Religion came out to a very packed Ventura Theater as their raging fans cheered for them. Bad Religion started their show with the fan-favorite Them and Us which sent the fans into a mosh pit frenzy. Right off the back, Bad Religion was very energetic and never had a dull moment. Rather than having fancy screens and theatrics, Bad Religion rely on their music to do the talking. They work very well together. Singer Greg Graffin let the audience know about their newly released album and gave the fans a taste by playing End of History. Even the new tunes still drive the fans wild. The third song was Fuck You followed by playing the fan-favorite Stranger Than Fiction from their 1994 album of the same name. Bad Religion is almost halfway through the tour, but they still had plenty of energy left to give their audience an amazing performance. Bad Religion is known for their band logo which is a black Christian cross with a red prohibition sign over it. Despite the logo, the band members do not consider themselves anti-religion. Aside from that, Bad Religion is also known for their heavy use of political lyrics often showing their hate towards past president like George W. Bush in their 2004 album, The Empire Strikes First. Bad Religion kept up that tradition with the current president where their new album Age of Unreason was inspired by the band’s disdain for Trump. Bad Religion kept up the entertaining show and kept the mosh pits going as they blasted through classics like 21st Century (Digital Boy), Suffer, Los Angeles Is Burning, No Control and Fuck Armageddon…This Is Hell. To end the night, Bad Religion played one of their most popular songs, Sorrow. Fans moshed, sang along to the chorus and even a couple of crowd surfers showed up. A perfect way to end the night. Bad Religion left the stage and all seemed quiet. After a few minutes, the members came back out while Graffin mentioned to the audience that they forgot to play a couple of songs. The first encore was another one of their best songs Infected which once again had fans moshing and singing along. To end the show, Bad Religion performed what is perhaps their most famous song and their second all-time best single, American Jesus. Bad Religion finished their show and left the stage. Fans were left with smiles on their faces and felt more than satisfied spending their Friday night with these punk rock legends.


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