Static-X was one of the most popular metal bands of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. After releasing six albums, the band broke up on June 2013. Founding member/guitarist Wayne Static passed away on November 1, 2014 at the age of 48. In his honor, the original lineup of Tony Campos (bass), Koichi Fukuda (guitar) and Ken Jay (drums) reformed Static-X and fronting the band is a mysterious member only known as Xer0. He would be wearing a mask of zombie Wayne Static complete with hair. Not only that, but Static-X would also be performing their debut album Wisconsin Death Trip in its entirety as part of the album’s 20th anniversary. A massive tour was announced with many of the dates selling out ahead of time. The tour would include DevilDriver, Dope, Wednesday 13 and Raven Black. One of the last dates of the show was at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California and naturally, it sold out weeks ahead of time. Even before Raven Black started the show, the venue was packed with metal fans.
Raven Black came out and started their show with Spider from their second album 13 which was released in 2018. Right away you’ll notice how they play out their shows in a theatrical fashion full of makeup, outfits and props to add to their carnival look. Raven Black kicked some serious ass as they played songs like Sticks N Stones, Twinkle Twinkle Little Scars, Dollhouse and Seven Sins. Some of the props brought out to add to the theatrics included a giant teddy bear, hoola hoop, mace and scythe. Raven Black ended the show with their newest single Carnival which will hopefully be on the band’s next record. A great start to an explosive night.
The Duke of Spook Wednesday 13 was up next. A metal veteran in his own right, Wednesday 13 also has a very theatrical show similar to those of Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper. Wednesday 13 came out and started the show with Hail Ming. Wednesday 13 himself came out in a robe covering most of this body with a hook in hand making himself look like a pirate. The next song was Get Your Grave On. Wednesday 13 came back out without his robe revealing himself to be covered in glow-in-the-dark painting. Along with his stage antics, this was a combo done very well and kept his audience mesmerized and watching his every move. Other songs from his performance included Serpent Society, What the Night Brings, Prey For Me and a brand new song Zodiac which will be included in the band’s new upcoming album to be released later this year. Wednesday 13 wrapped up their show and left to make room for the next act.
Dope are industrial metal veterans who have been around since the late 1990’s. Founding member/singer Edsel Dope was a very close friend of Wayne Static so it was only natural to see Dope on this lineup. Dope came out and played Dope Money. Dope don’t use theatrics or fancy lighting and instead rely on their energetic stage performance to wow the audience and they always deliver on their shows. Dope played a surprisingly short set with their other songs being 6-6-Sick, Die Motherfucker Die, Burn and ended their show with a cover of You Spin Me Round (Like a Record). A short, but very energetic set for these metal veterans. The night was still young and two more bands were still left.
DevilDriver are also metal veterans who are well-known in the metal community. With frontman Dez Fafara being the main man of the band as well as being the singer for the nu-metal band, Coal Chamber. Many fans were in attendance and were stoked to see them. The lights went out and the members of DevilDriver came out and started with the brutal track, Ruthless. The mosh pits went wild and even crowd surfers started showing up. The next song performed was Grinfucked followed by Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy of the Scorned). DevilDriver was on top of their performance as Fafara sounded great and the rest of the band was also very energetic with no dull moments from start to finish on their performance. Other songs on this performance included Not All Who Wander Are Lost, My Night Sky, and even a cover of AWOLNATION‘s Sail. Fafara mentioned how on this tour, he would go back to his Coal Chamber days and would play some covers. He delivered and played Loco to which the fans responded by putting on one of the craziest mosh pits of the night and plenty of stage divers were seen. DevilDriver also played another Coal Chamber cover of Fiend and the fans loved that one too. Fafara brought out another surprise for the fans when he brought out his son Simon to help him play Clouds Over California. A touching moment between father and son. To end the show, DevilDriver played End of the Line and bid farewell to the packed venue. Just one more band to go which was the band that everyone had come to see.
The lights went out once again as the crowd cheered. The finale track from the Wisconsin Death Trip album December played overhead as a lit screen showed part of a mysterious word that seemed to complete itself as time went by. As the opening track ended, the mysterious word turned out to be the Static-X logo. Fans cheered once again as the band members came out one by one with Xer0 being the last one to come out. The first song played was Bled For Days, a great opening song from the debut album. The energy in the venue was at max as Static-X next played the title track from the debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip. The mosh pits were wild and crowd surfers were plentiful. Two more fan-favorites Fix and Sweat of the Bud were performed and kept the energy going. Xer0 did the band justice as he sounded just like Wayne did and was almost as if Wayne himself was playing. During the instrumental beginning of The Trance Is the Motion, the band left the stage as the lit screen displayed photos of Wayne to which the fans cheered. Static-X took a break from the debut album to play some classics. The intro track Bien Venidos (Spanish for Welcome) from their second album Machine played, then the band came out to play the first track from that album, Get to the Gone. Two other fan-favorites from the album were played which were Black and White and This Is Not to which the fans loved singing along to. Nearing the end of the show, Static-X went back t playing two of their most popular songs starting with I’m With Stupid where the fans loved singing to the chorus, “he’s a loserrrr!”. To end the night, Campos thanked the audience for an amazing tour and support after all these years and mentioned that they have one more song they left out. The fans should know this one and it was none other than their most famous song, Push It. Fans once again moshed and crowd surfed during the whole song. Everyone was on their feet going crazy and singing along. The show came to an end as Xer0 left the stage while the remaining members stayed to hug it out and once again thank the audience. It was truly a great night for metal and to honor the memory of Wayne Static. Keep Evil Disco alive!








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