Guitar God John 5 released his monstrous ninth solo album titled Invasion on July 31 digitally with the physical copy coming out September 1st. John 5 is best known as the current guitarist for horror master Rob Zombie as well as former longtime guitarist for the Antichrist Superstar, Marilyn Manson. John 5 is one of today’s most criminally underrated guitarists and deserves much more credit for his work and amazing musicianship. John 5’s band mates include Ian Ross on bass and Logan Miles on the drums. Together, they are known as John 5 and the Creatures. John 5’s solo albums contain no vocals and is strictly instrumental as he lets his guitar doing all the singing. I was able to get a copy of the album for a review and naturally, I was not disappointed. The album starts with the instrumental horror title track, Invasion. Once that ends, the album takes you on a journey that is best listened to when not doing anything so you can focus on the music. The first track is a bit of a techno tune with a robotic voice saying the name of the track, “I Am John 5“. Soon after, the guitar playing starts and you’re just like, “whoa!” and could make your head spin. His guitar-playing truly is one of a kind. A great starting track for the album. Midnight Mass is a super fun song to air guitar to and is easily one of the best songs on the album. Zoinks! is a clear reference to the catchphrase said by Shaggy from Scooby Doo and the song itself is a great tune. For the song Howdy, John 5 explores a more rockabilly/hillbilly/western sound which suits the name and even has backing vocals with a voice saying, “howwwdyyy!”. Very fun to listen to and even dance. Crank It – Living With Ghosts is another super catchy tune with a backing voice saying, “crank it, crank it, motherfucker”. The guitar work and music will make you wanna dance and could be played at a dance club. The next track Cactus Flower slows things down as the line “they’re all gonna laugh at you!” from the classic horror movie Carrie is played at the beginning of the song. The song is very mellow and overwhelms you with sadness like you could just lay there and think about the sad or hard times you’ve had in life. A beautiful piece of music. The next track I Want It All goes back to metal with catchy guitars and a robotic saying “I Want It All” throughout the song. The guitar segment from 2:00-2:16 is absolutely tasty. The next track is called I Like the Funk and as the name suggests, it is a very funky song. Like something out of the 1970’s. It even has a female voice in the background saying, “I Like the Funk”. Another song you could dance to. The album’s finishing song is Constant Sorrow. It’s a very interesting song because it actually sounds like a Primus song similar to the outro song from South Park with the way the guitar playing sounds. A relaxing song a great way to end the album. The whole album is super fun to listen to if you just enjoy music with no lyrics. If you’ve loved John 5’s previous work, then you will not be disappointed with this release. Order your copy now at iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. Physical copies of the album come out September 1st so be sure to visit your local record store then! Wanna see John 5 live? He has an upcoming tour in the fall and one stop in Los Angeles which is his last home show of the year. See below for tour posters


  1. Invasion
  2. I Am John 5
  3. Midnight Mass
  4. Zoinks!
  5. Howdy
  6. Crank It – Living With Ghosts
  7. Cactus Flower
  8. I Want It All
  9. I Like the Funk
  10. Constant Sorrow


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