Live at Catch One – Los Angeles Ca.
  Thursday, August 22nd 2019

On this rowdy evening in the city of angels, Los Angeles heads witnessed the malevolent spectacle that is Power From Hell, hailing all the way from Brazil to treat us all with the finest blackened speed thrash. A stacked lineup brought upon by none other than Elegy Ensemble who always brings nothing but the finest underground acts in the west coast. With support from ‘Unholy Lust’, ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Malefic levitation’, you could not ask for anything more with this monster of a night. Locals and die-hards gathered over at the Catch One (Also known as Union Club) right in the black heart of the city. The venue offers the perfect vibe welcoming the heathens for a night of debauchery, metal, and mayhem. Unbeknownst to the rest of the social residents, this is definitely the place to be for the occasion.
Malefic Levitation:
Upon arrival, there’s notice of a delay in set times due to low attendance causing the show to be pushed back a bit, putting the first act at around 8:45. Malefic Levitation reigns in from the northern side towards Fresno. With the eerie, raw and primal essence thrown into this heavy mix, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Summoning tracks from their latest EP ‘The Ancient Plague’ displays their intention and effort for shear brutality, this music is definitely not for the weak-hearted. Best fit for the bloodthirsty who are in need of the extreme should adhere to the dark force that is Malefic Levitation. With a shortened set you’re only left to be glad being a participant of this malignant extravaganza.
Soon after the alter makes way for one of LA’s finest that brings forth chaos no better than Transcendence who delightfully make an appearance in displaying their brutal sounds of the underground. their is a distinct sound when singer Tom lays down growls and screams that gives you the impression of a possible mic adapter, however these raw demon like sounds are straight from power passion that’s complimented from the face melting riffs from guitarist Miguel that follow. With early sounding death/thrash influenced style music giving the band their blaspheme and obscurity-filled sound, it’s no wonder the crowd gets drawn in and maintains attention in getting precisely what they came for. With tracks from the bands latest EP ‘Hour of Summoning’, you’re being delivered nothing but the goods that keeps your skull banging against the stage. Patrons who seek evil, raw and heavy death riffs must keep a close eye for these terrorizers and all their mighty glory for it is these types of tunes worth sticking too.
Unholy Lust:
Just south of LA reigns the tyrants of ‘Unholy Lust’ who are heavily prepared to fill the room with the might of their blackened speed thrash. Bringing darkness and chaos in a half filled room, I’ve never heard the acoustics work so good in a bands favor like this before so it’s the ultimate pleaser. In hearing this band, you’ll hear influences of old school Slayer, Possessed, Sadistic Intent and Hellhammer rolled into one for demonic intentions can best describe this type of style for legions interested. The band is no stranger to LA and have been around for quite some time. They’ve honed their craft and reached a new level in their music from an aggressive cult punk-like style to the blackened speed witchery sounds of today. Bringing masterpieces onto the stage such as hits like Evil Possession and Evil Blasphemy. You’re in for one hell of a time. There’s definitely an adrenaline rush that grooves into you because the band delivers and engages with their audience who know know and respect the gruesome essence brought by Unholy Lust.
1. Banished from the Light
2. Enslaved in Sin
3. Evil Possession
4. Los Winos (Unholy Drunks)
5. Infernal Blasphemy
6. Humanity at its end
Power From Hell:
As the night finally reaches its climax, you instantly notice the way the room has been filled to its brim so to speak with the die-hards as they finally get a good dose in which they have prepared for. The vigorous and wicked legion of hellions in Power From Hell fronted by singer Sodomic have extended their taste and passage for music, who once were in favor of the sadomasochistic styled music writing. Now have gone above and beyond to summon the presence of diabolical hate and malevolent speed. For as soon as the opening riff starts playing there’s already destruction taking place in the pits as the rest of the crowd makes haste. As if the barricades were enough protection from die-hards who have gathered to gaze upon these Brazilian thrashers, Sodomic does an impressive job in mesmerizing spectators with these heavily dark lyrics which as we all know keep the satanic lustful context and enriched fast pace bangers for everyone to endure. Unlike the other blackened speed acts that hail over Europe, PFH doesn’t cease the opportunity to come all the way from their homeland and leave with the sole appreciation of its heavy brigade also bringing in Alvin from Elegy Ensemble, with a back and forth almost synchronicity of engagement. The band truly stays in character of impertinent havoc. My personal favorite liking when it comes to PFH would be the sound, the way you can hear the cry of these blackened metal riffs which don’t sound recycled like you’ll often hear from time to time. This definitely keeps the blood fresh in listening for the distinction to how the perfect blend of both black and thrash metal can be the unholy duo that delivers that pure madness involving concubines and witches. With the tour well underway, the band’s currently touring the US and ending down south in Mexico. If you’re catching any of these shows, be prepared the cops paint leather gods taking over and terrorizing us all the way from Brazil.
1. Swallowed by Darkness
2. Torture Garden
3. Suicide Metal
4. Lucy’s Curse
5. Caligula
6. Elizabeth needs blood
7. Obscure Creation
8. Power from Hell
9. Lust… Sacrilege & Blood
10. Into the Sabbath
11. Prostiture of Satan
12. False Puritan Philosophies
13. Encore- Bathory (Satan my master)
14. The True Metal

Power From Hell

Unholy Lust


Malefic Levitation

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