September Mourning are a hard rock band. The band came to be originally from a graphic novel depicting the character of September Mourning played by singer Emily Lazar as a human-reaper hybrid who feels the need to give some human souls a second chance, and thus toys with Fate. To get the full experience of the band one must not only submerge themselves in the music, but the graphic novels as well. The band members consist of Emily Lazar/September (vocals), Riven (guitars), Wraith (guitars) and Stitch (drums). September Mourning went on tour once again not to just perform, but to also collect the souls of fans who the band refers to as their Children of Fate. September Mourning went on tour with Smile Empty Soul so this time they’re the opening act compared to their headlining tours from last year. They have been releasing new music as of late with a new EP coming out soon. One of the stops on this tour was at the Canyon Club in Santa Clarita, California.
The lights went out and the reapers made their way to the stage with September cloaked in a robe and revealed herself to the audience. September Mourning started their show with Before the Storm from their latest album, Volume II. The band sounded great with Lazar leading with beautiful vocals sounding just like the album. The stage was dark most of the time except for lights on the side that would briefly illuminate the stage giving the band a dark vibe. Their music can be described as hard rock and Gothic metal. Lazar is a great frontwoman as she was very energetic and move her hands and body to the motion of the song. Fog would also come up on stage to give the eerie feeling of meeting death. September Mourning has been releasing music as of late and they wasted no time and performing some of their new songs. The next song was Empire followed by their newest released single, Unholy. September Mourning went back to their latest record and played Skin and Bones. You could see the chemistry between the band members as they smiled at one another and stood next to each other showing support for one another. Another new song was played which was Glass Animals. Nearing the end of the show, September Mourning brought out the big hits. Up next is a song written for their fans called Children of Fate. Lazar would have the audience sing along with her for the chorus. Being that they were the opening act, it was only natural that they were given a short set time. The grand finale for the show is the band’s biggest hit so far, 20 Below. Another great song to sing along and rock out to. September Mourning got a criminally short set time so hopefully next time they come around, it’s for a set twice as long.


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