Phantogram is an electronic rock band from New York. They have released three albums, four EP’s, and ten singles. They have an upcoming fourth album that will be released in the near future. After being on break for a bit, Phantogram is back on the road. A Saturday in downtown Pomona seemed like a good setting for one of the final stops on the tour. Even before doors opened, fans were lined up outside the venue in anticipation to see Phantogram.
As Phantogram prepared to come on stage, the venue had filled up to where it was too crowded in some places to walk through. The lights went out and the packed audience cheered as the two core members singer Sarah Barthel and singer/guitarist Josh Carter made their way to the stage. Phantogram played the intro track News Today which will be one of the new tracks on the upcoming album. After that, they started with their hit single Black Out Days from their previous 2014 album, Voices. Phantogram was off to a fiery start with the electronic rock sound with Barthel and her pop singing backed up by Carter’s spacey guitar-playing. The next song was Run Run Blood and it’s a fun song to sing along to. Phantogram‘s stage lights consisted of primarily red with some bright flashes every now and then. The main highlight was the back-lit screen in the far back that was showing different visuals and colors adding to the spacey feeling of the show and music. The third song performed was the single and extremely catchy Don’t Move which ironically makes you wanna move and dance. Phantogram wasn’t much for words in between songs and instead let the music do the talking for them. Barthel would regularly introduce her best friend as “Josh motherfuckin’ Carter”. Their back-lit screen would show more crazy visuals that seemed almost mesmerizing and went along perfectly with the music. Phantogram went on to play more of their hits such as You Don’t Get Me High Anymore, Mouthful of Diamonds, Howling at the Moon and Cruel World. Being that Phantogram is working on new music, it only made sense that they play some of those new tunes which will most likely be seen on the upcoming new album. Those new songs were Into Happiness, Mister Impossible and Gaunt Kids. Phantogram next played was is possibly their most famous song, Fall In Love. The audience cheered from hearing the song as they danced and sang along. Upon finishing the song, Barthel took a few minutes to talk to the audience and urged them to quiet down so she can talk about a serious matter. She talked about how during the recording of their third album Three in 2016, her sister and Carter’s best friend Becky committed suicide. She talked about how no matter how hard things get and no matter how alone or sad you feel, to never go away and to reach out to friends and loved ones for help. The last song of the night was another brand new song called Ceremony and it was written for and dedicated to Barthel’s sister. Phantogram finished the song then left the stage. The audience didn’t seem to wanna go home yet so they stayed and cheered for the band. After a small break, Phantogram came back out for some encores. The first encore was Answer and for this song, Barthel made the audience turn on the flashlights on their phones and illuminate the venue giving the song an even more beautiful vibe. To end the show, Phantogram played another one of their biggest hits, When I’m Small. It was the perfect ending for this show. Phantogram finished once again, thanked the audience for coming out and left the stage. Fans were very happy with the performance as there were nothing but smiles seen everywhere.


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