Folk metal giants Eluveitie (El-vay-ti) and Korpiklaani (Finnish: The Backwoods Clan) embarked on a co-headlining tour across North America to please their legions of folk metal fanatics. One of the early stops on the tour was the Regent in downtown Los Angeles. Even before doors opened, plenty of fans were waiting in anticipation for two of folk metal’s most popular bands.
Korpiklaani is a folk metal band from Finland. In 2018, they released their tenth studio album, Kulkija (“The Wanderer”). Their songs are a mix of English songs and Finnish. As they prepared to go on stage, you could see the stage was setup with a backdrop matching their album cover and fences set throughout the stage giving the band a traditional folk feel. The lights went out and the packed venue cheered as the members of Korpiklaani made their way to the stage. They started the show with Hunting Song. Right away, you could feel their folk metal sound as they perfectly blended metal with traditional instruments, a violin and accordion. Their music just wants to make you get up and dance and is full of energy. The next song was Sahti (“Moonshine”) from their previous 2015 album, Noita (“Witch”). Once again, the music drove fans to jump and mosh in traditional metal style. The third song was one of Korpiklaani‘s many songs about drinking, The Land of A Thousand Drinks. Korpiklaani is always a fun band to see live as it’s almost a crime to not drink and/or get drunk at their shows since a lot of their songs are abut drinking and alcohol. All the band members were energetic with not a dull moment during their performance and made sure the audience had lots of fun at their show. Korpiklaani kept up the dancing and drinking as they played classics like Happy Little Boozer, Let’s Drink, Lempo (“Darn”) and Wooden Pints. Nearing their end of the show, Korpiklaani decided to treat the fans to a song called…Beer Beer. What a surprise. Regardless, fans danced and moshed to this super fun folk metal band. To end the night, vocalist Jonne Järvelä told the audience how since they had beer, now they needed…Vodka! And so Korpiklaani finished their show with their most popular song, Vodka. The song is in English so it’s super easy and fun to sing along to. Korpiklaani wrapped up their show and left the stage. So much fun, yet the main band of the tour was still waiting to come on.
Eluveitie is a folk metal band from Switzerland. On April 5th, 2019, they released their eighth studio album titled, Ategnatos. This is the first US tour featuring the band’s major lineup change from 2016 and their first US tour since their previous one in 2015. A lot of Eluveitie‘s songs are written and sung in the ancient extinct language, Gaulish. Their lyrics include references to Celtic mythology. They also use traditional European instruments like the hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, flutes, and whistles.  The lights went out once again and the almost full venue cheered once again as the members of Eluveitie made their way to the stage with singer Chrigel Glanzmann being the last one out. They started the show with the title track of the new album, Ategnatos. Glanzmann unleashed his folk metal growls onto the audience and drove them wild as they continued to mosh to the music. The next song was King from their 2014 album, Origins. Joining Glanzmann on vocals is newcomer Fabienne Erni who provides the female vocals of the band as well as plays the celtic harp. For the third song, Glanzmann asked the audience if they wanted the English version of the song for The Call of the Mountains or the Swiss German version titled, De Ruef vo de Bärge. Naturally, European metal fanatics prefer the non-English version of a song. The song was executed beautifully with Erni singing the whole song in Swiss German. Eluveitie next played another brand new song Deathwalker followed by a fan favorite, Quoth the Raven. Glanzmann took a quick break from the show let the audience know that it has been a long time since they last came and how good it feels to be back and was happy and appreciative seeing all the fans that came out to spend their Friday with Eluveitie. One of the most beautiful songs performed was A Rose For Epona. Erni was again shined with her angelic voice where everyone just stayed still and watched in awe. The next song was Thousandfold and was another fan favorite. Fans loved singing along, moshing and even crowd surfing. So much energy given off by Eluveitie, yet you can’t help but let the music take over you. To more great songs Ambiramus and Havoc were performed to perfection. Nearing the end of the show, Eluveitie performed another new song Breathe. To end the show, the song Helvetios was performed which is one of their best songs. Eluveitie left the stage, but the crowd wasn’t eager to go home just yet as they stayed put and cheered some more. After a short break, Eluvetie came back out for some encores. The first encore was Rebirth, the first single from the new album. To end the night, Eluveitie performed their most famous song, Inis Mona. The crowd went absolutely wild as the biggest mosh pit of the night formed. Eluveitie finished their set, thanked the audience once again for an amazing night, then left the stage. It was a great night for folk metal and hopefully it’s not long before Eluveitie and Korpiklaani return.





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