Metal bands Voivod and Revocation announced a co-headlining tour and brought with them a stacked variety of metal with them which included Cryptopsy, Skeletal Remains and Conjurer (UK). Both Voivod and Revocation were promoting their most recent album releases so it only made sense to tour together and bring metalheads from different genres together. One of the many stops on the tour was the El Rey theater in Los Angeles and it was a great way to spend your Saturday night.
Voivod are heavy metal legends from Canada and released their fourteenth studio album The Wake in 2018. With fourteen studio albums, you know Voivod has a lot of history in the metal books and have released a variety of music ranging from heavy metal, to speed metal and thrash metal. A variety of sound for depending on your mood.¬† Voivod came out and started the show with Post Society. The heavy metal legends unleashed their spacey metal music onto the audience as they cheered and moshed. For the second song, Snake welcomed the audience to their UFO as they next played a fan favorite, Psychic Vacuum. Being a super catchy song, fans were seen raising their horns and singing along as well as keeping the mosh pits alive. Snake made sure the audience knew that they had a new album and for the next song, played the title track of the album titled Obsolete Beings. After a few more songs, Snake had to stop and let the audience know that this next song was from 1987 and told the audience how he remembers back in the day, metalheads would stage dive and crowd surf and was wondering if such a thing still existed. Apparently it was up to the fans to show him. The next song was Overreaction and the fans did Voivod proud by moshing for the whole song and even a few crowd surfers and a single stage divers that was able to get away with it. Nearing the end of the show, Snake mentioned how it was the end of Summer and it was now…Fall,¬†which was also the name of the next song. To end the show, a special instrument was brought out. Guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain brought out the guitar of the late Denis “Piggy” D’Amour which is the last guitar he played back in Ozzfest 2003 for his final show before sadly passing away. It was a great way to honor his memory. The final song of the night was one of Voivod‘s best songs which is simply titled…Voivod. A simple name, but very effective. A thrash metal song that drove the audience wild with moshing and crowd surfing. A great performance by these heavy metal legends. Voivod finished the song, thanked the audience, then left the stage for the headlining band of the tour.
Revocation is a technical death metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. In 2018, they released their seventh studio album, The Outer Ones. To mark the one-year anniversary of the album’s release, Revocation chose to play the album in its entirety. The lights went out once again as the members of Revocation made their way to the stage and started the show with the first track from the newest album, Of Unworldly Origin. Right away, you could hear how Revocation brings their tech-death metal sound to life. Guitarist/vocalist David Davidson played his 7-string guitar to precision as heard on the album itself. The death metal music made the audience go wild as mosh pits happened throughout the performance. The next song was the next song on the album, That Which Consumes All Things followed by Blood Atonement. Aside from the music, Revocation‘s performance was accompanied by an impressive light show made different for each song so you feel almost as if you’re in space yourself. Davidson took a small break to let the fans know about how this show marked exactly one year since the album’s release and hoped the audience was enjoying the album being played in full. Revocation continued to play songs from the album Vanitas, The Outer Ones and even a song about Satan, Luciferous. The album’s finale was A Starless Darkness, a beautifully long ending at 7 minutes and 15 seconds. Instead of ending the show, Davidson asked the audience if they wanted one more song. The audience naturally cheered and so Revocation treated the fans to an old school song Dismantle the Dictator from their 2009 sophomore album, Existence is Futile. Revocation finished up their powerful performance and left the stage. Fans were satisfied with the whole tour and proved why more tours like this should happen more often.





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