Lacuna Coil is a Gothic metal band from Italy. In 2016, they released their eighth studio album, Delirium. Their ninth studio album Black Anima will be released on October 11th. Lacuna Coil is currently on a co-headlining tour with metalcore giants, All That Remains. The tour also includes Bad Omens, Toothgrinder, and Uncured. This proved to be a worthy package of bands for metalheads. It’s no surprise to see a lot of people were mainly there for Lacuna Coil judging by people’s conversations and merch they were wearing. Regardless, people were there to have fun and a Friday night in Los Angeles is always fun.
The venue was nicely packed as Lacuna Coil prepared to take the stage. The lights went out and the venue cheered as the members of Lacuna Coil came out and stated the show with Blood, Tears, Dust from their Delirium album. Vocalist Andrea Ferro would handle the male vocals of the music while the absolutely beautiful Cristina Scabbia handles the female vocals. The whole band was on point playing their music as it gave you a rush of adrenaline and you couldn’t help but scream and sing along to the catchy music. The next song was Trip the Darkness, another one of their best songs. The fans were seen with nothing but smiles as there’s always nothing but good vibes whenever Lacuna Coil plays. The third song was the band’s most popular song, Our Truth. The band was very energetic and sounded so good live, it’s a shame they’re not bigger than they already are. Lacuna Coil kept playing all the hits as they beautifully performed classic like Zombies, Downfall, My Demons, and The House of Shame. Scabbia took a quick break to talk to the audience on how they are loving the crowd and the whole tour and of course thankful for all their tour mates in the other bands. Scabbia also made note on how with them having limited time on stage also meant having a smaller setlist. For the next song, Lacuna Coil would let the fans decide between two songs. The song choices were Swamped or Heaven’s a Lie. Heaven’s a Lie got the stronger response so Lacuna Coil went on to play that. Nearing the end of the show, Lacuna Coil next played a brand new song from the upcoming new album titled, Reckless. Scabbia took another quick break to address the audience giving a positive speech to the crowd on how it’s ok to be different and to love themselves. To end the show, Lacuna Coil played Nothing Stands in Our Way. The band went all out with this performance being one of the best live songs played on their set. Lacuna Coil finished up their set and their fans showed nothing but love for them as they cheered for them. One can only hope that Lacuna Coil comes back for a proper headline tour in the USA.


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