Another amazing metal tour made its way to the USA. This time, America would be blessed with Devil Master, Midnight, Abbath, and Obituary crushing venues in their path. This time, the Observatory in Santa Ana would be the battlegrounds for metalheads coming from the surrounding cities to witness this brutal lineup that was not to be missed. To no surprise, the show sold out and packed to the brim for this wild and unforgettable night.
Devil Master served as a nice start to the show, but things didn’t get wild until black rock ‘n’ roll/thrash metal band Midnight took the stage. Midnight recently signed with the legendary Metal Blade Records label and released their single, Rebirth By Blasphemy along with an instrumental track, Afterbirth. Midnight is currently working on a new album, their first with MBR and will hopefully be released sometime next year. The hooded figures in Midnight came out and started with Penetratal Ecstasy. Without wasting any time, the already packed audience went crazy and formed a mosh pit. The next song was another thrashy metal song, Poison Trash. By this time, the fans took advantage of there not being a barricade from the stage and started storming the stage and for the rest of the performance, stage divers and crowd surfers constantly made appearances. There’s never a calm or quiet moment at a Midnight show and such facts are proven as they laid waste to the audience by playing songs like Evil Like a Knife, You Can’t Stop Steel, Black Rock’n’Roll, and Satanic Royalty. The show had to come to an end eventually and Midnight chose Unholy and Rotten for the show’s closer. Fans continued to mosh and stage dive which is always expected at a Midnight show. Barely two bands in and still the show was just getting started.
Abbath is the solo band of Norwegian black metal legend Olve “Abbath” Eikemo. He is best known for founding the Norwegian black metal band Immortal in 1991. Abbath left Immortal in 2015 and started his solo band that same year and released their self-titled debut album in 2016. In 2019, they released their second album Outstrider and have been touring ever since. Plenty of Abbath/Immortal fans were seen in attendance and couldn’t wait to see their favorite black metal musician. The stage had a huge silver Abbath logo showing who was next to play. Abbath came out and started with Count the Dead from their debut album. Abbath unleashed his legendary black metal vocals onto the audience and they quickly went crazy with mosh pits. Abbath went on to play two new songs which were Bridge of Spams, The Artifex, and Harvest Pyre. Abbath can’t forget the legacy he had with Immortal so what better way to treat the audience with some Immortal covers. The first cover was In My Kingdom Cold followed by Tyrants. Abbath was ferocious during the whole set never letting there be a dull moment. After a few more tracks, Abbath had to call it a night by playing To War! from his debut album. Abbath finished up the show and thanked the audience by doing his infamous crab walk from one end of the stage to the other giving everyone high fives. Only the headlining act of the night was left.
Obituary is no doubt one of the greatest death metal bands of all time. On this tour, they’re celebrating 35 years since the release of their debut album, Slowly We Rot. The venue was packed to the max, especially the pit area where fans were surely hungry to mosh. The lights went out once again and the sold out crowd cheered as the members of Obituary came out one by one. All the members of Obituary were present minus singer John Tardy. The members on stage played a simple instrumental death metal intro to warm up the crowd and even with that, fans were moshing. Tardy eventually came out and Obituary finally started with Redneck Stomp. The entire floor area came to life as everyone shoved and moshed to one of death metal’s greatest bands. It almost hurt to watch everyone smash against each other. Obituary would continue the onslaught as they played brutal tracks like Chopped in Half, Dying, Internal Bleeding, and Suffocation. Obituary is a brutal band live and was only matched by the audience themselves as fans continued to crush each other and stage dive. Bodies were everywhere. The show seemed to come to an end when Obituary played Intoxication. Obituary left the stage, but the audience still seemed hungry for more. After cheering and chanting the band’s name, Obituary came back out for some encores. The first encore was A Dying World. To properly end the show, Obituary made note on how they were celebrating the 35th anniversary of their debut album and the finale of the show is the title track from that album, Slowly We Rot. The entire floor came alive once again as the most brutal mosh pit of the night formed with bodies going in every direction and stage divers everywhere. It was easily one of the best tours of the year with a metal package like this. 







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