Two rock/metal legends UFO and Armored Saint announced a short tour. UFO was on tour as a part of their 50th anniversary tour. The tour would also serve as vocalist Phil Mogg’s final tour with the band. Whether the band will retire after that or continue with a replacement remains to be seen. UFO suffered a loss in the band when longtime keyboardist/guitarist Paul Raymond passed away on April 13. His replacement for the remainder of the tour would be Neil Carter who was also in UFO in the early 1980’s. One of the stops on the tour was the Grove in Anaheim, California. The show was such a huge demand that it ended up selling out weeks before the show was set to take place. Even before doors opened, there was a huge line of fans waiting to get in.
Starting the show was Los Angeles heavy metal band, Armored Saint. Armored Saint has a long history in the music as they have consistently put out music and made history of their own. Plenty of longtime fans were in attendance as they wore Armored Saint merch. Armored Saint came out and started the show with the fan-favorite Reign of Fire from their 1991 album, Symbol of Salvation. The already packed venue welcomed one of SoCal’s favorite metal bands as they cheered for them. The next song was another favorite Can U Deliver from their 1984 debut album, March of the Saint. Armored Saint was on fire as all the members were active on stage never just standing around. Whether it’s the dual shredding by Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan or the pounding of the drums by Gonzo Sandoval, Armored Saint has never sounded better in their career. Armored Saint Played more hits like Last Train Home, Seducer, and Left Hook From Right Field. Nearing the end of the show, vocalist John Bush talked about how bands have to keep making good music throughout their career and not dwell in the past. He used an example from their last release Win Hands Down from 2015 and played the title track, Win Hands Down. To end the show, Armored Saint played their most popular hit, March of the Saint. A  classic track in heavy metal history and Armored Saint played it to perfection with many fans singing along, raising their horns, and headbanging. A great show overall and the show was only half finished.
UFO is one of the most influential bands of all time with many of the great metal bands from the 1970’s and 1980’s citing them as an influence. The lights went out once again and the sold out venue cheered with anticipation as the members of UFO made their way to the stage and started with Mother Mary. UFO still puts on a great show as age has not slowed them down. UFO next played a classic track, We Belong to the Night. Fans loved singing along and showing their respects to UFO as this cold very well be the last time they would get to see UFO. UFO continued to play hit after hit like Lights Out, Only You Can Rock Me, and Too Hot to Handle. Nearing the end of the show, Mogg thanked the audience for coming out as well as supporting UFO throughout the years. To end the show, UFO played one of their most popular hits, Rock Bottom. The fans went wild as they sang along and cheered. UFO finished the show and left the stage. The fans weren’t so eager to leave the stage and stayed put and cheered. After a short break, UFO came back out for some encores. The first encore was perhaps their most famous song, Doctor Doctor. The song is also famously played by heavy metal legends Iron Maiden right as they’re about to start their show. UFO‘s classic music still sounds good live and will surely continue to influence bands years from now. To end the night, UFO played Shoot Shoot. The show came to an end and the fans continued to cheer as UFO bowed to their sold out audience, then left the stage for the final time.




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