Mushroomhead has a lot of history in the metal music community. If you listened to nu-metal/alternative metal in the late 90’s and/or listened to bands like Slipknot, then you know Mushroomhead. They have been around since the early 90’s and have been regularly releasing music. Their latest release was The Righteous & the Butterfly in 2014 with a new album currently in the works for a possible release in April 2020. Mushroomhead has had many lineup changes with founding members and drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton. The latest members to leave the band were vocalists Waylon Reavis in 2015 and founding member/vocalist Jeffery “Nothing” Hatrix in 2018.  Mushroomhead announced a Halloween tour and one of the stops was at the world-famous Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, California.
As Mushroomhead prepared to go on stage, the floor was kind of empty. After enduring five opening bands, it was finally time for Mushroomhead to take the stage. The floor had finally filled up to a decent amount by the time Mushroomhead hit the stage. They started the show with 43. The first hing you’ll notice is how the band members wear masks. Normally they wear different-looking masks, but it seems this year they’ve chosen to wear what look like identical masks. The other thing you’ll notice is how there are four drums, two on each side of the stage. On certain songs, members Roberto Diablo and Rick “Stitch” Thomas would play those drums, but the drums would have water coming out of them making for some impressive stage display and is often one of the highlights of the show. The next song was one of their popular songs Kill Tomorrow which is the opening track from their 2003 album, XIII. The third song was another one of their most popular songs Bwomp which is an old school song and has more of their classic electro-industrial sound. The next song was the first single from their latest album, Qwerty. Mushroomhead is known for their energetic shows and for having a strong and dedicated fanbase. Fans were seen wearing their merch and even wearing masks from the past showing that they’ve been fans for a long time. Mushroomhead went on to play more hits like Sun Doesn’t Rise, Nowhere to Go, and Solitaire/Unraveling. During the performance of We are the Truth, Mushroomhead was joined by Jackie LaPonza who is the vocalist for Unsaid Fate who regularly tours with Mushroomhead and is also the girlfriend of Skinny. Nearing the end of the show, Mushroomhead played a cover of Pink Floyd‘s Empty Spaces followed by their usual closing song, Born of Desire. The show ended and fans cheered for their beloved band and hugged one another talking about how awesome of a show it was. The floor and fans were wet from the water drums, but nothing but smiles were seen.


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