Austrian blackened death metal band Belphegor and death metal legends Suffocation announced a co-headlining tour to please the metal masses. Two brutal metal bands coming together can only mean there will be lots of banging heads, horns, raised, and loud music. One of the stops on the tour was the 1720 warehouse in Los Angeles, Ca. A Sunday was an odd choice for a metal show, but metalheads still showed up to show loyalty to their beloved metal bands.
Death metal legends Suffocation have been around since 1988. Their eighth studio album …Of the Dark Light was released in 2017. It was the last album to feature original vocalist Frank Mullen. In 2018, Suffocation announced that they would do one final tour with Mullen who had been only touring with Suffocation part time. Now in 2019, Suffocation continues on with vocalist Ricky Myers who fronts the death metal band, Disgorge. Suffocation came out and started with Thrones of Blood. They received praise from their fans as they played their classic death metal music. Suffocation is known for putting on a brutal performance and their fans loved moshing and banging their heads to the music. Suffocation played many of their hits including Clarity Through Deprivation, Cataclysmic Purification, Pierced From Within, and Catatonia. Suffocation never had a dull moment in their performance and the music went perfectly with Myers’ deep guttural vocals that they are known for. Suffocation ended their show with the classic death metal tune, Infecting the Crypts. Fans moshed and raised their horns showing their love and appreciation for these death metal legends who will be around for a long time still.
Belphegor are named after Belphegor, one of the seven princes of Hell. They released their eleventh studio album Totenritual in 2017. Plenty of fans were seen wearing Belphegor‘s merch so you know they were more than ready for them. The stage was covered with Belphegor‘s stage props including real animal bones, wooden upside down crosses and lit candles. Belphegor came out and started their show with Sanctus Diaboli Confidimus. Right away, you’ll notice how the band members dress up for their performance. With white face paint with singer Helmuth going further by adding streaks of blood to his face as if crying blood. The venue was filled with Satanic hymns and death metal growls. Helmuth would continuously make evil faces to give his face paint a more evil and sinister look. Belphegor continued to plague Los Angeles as they played evil tunes like The Devil’s Son, Belphegor- Hell’s Ambassador, Stigma Diabolicum, and Lucifer Incestus. Helmuth took a quick pause to bring up one of his stage prop which was the skull of a goat and held it high above his head making one of his usual grotesque faces. Belphegor‘s lyrics have always been about Satanism, Anti-religion, and War. Belphegor closed out their show with Baphomet, the left the stage. Fans stayed chanting Belphegor‘s name. After a few minutes, Belphegor came back out for an encore. The encore is one of their best songs, Bondage Goat Zombie. Belphegor finished up their set, thanked the audience, then came out to hand out picks, shake hands, and take pictures. It was a great night for metal.





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