Scumdogs of the Universe Gwar rose from their frozen barren home in Antarctica to lay waste to human filth. A tour was announced with Sacred Reich, Toxic Holocaust, and Against the Grain. The choice of venue for Gwar to do battle with humans was the Belasco theater in downtown Los Angeles, Ca. Plenty of fans/prey were present ready to declare war on Gwar.
Toxic Holocaust are a thrash metal band from Oregon. On October 4th, 2019, they released their sixth studio album, Primal Future: 2019. Toxic Holocaust came out to the packed venue and started their show with Gravelord. With thrash metal filling the venue, fans started moshing. Toxic Holocaust makes some fast toxic thrash metal music to fill your ears with. Toxic Holocaust continued to drive the fans wild as they played thrash classics like Acid Fuzz, Nuke the Cross, and War Is Hell. Their songs are somewhat short which let them play a lot of songsĀ  even with a short set time. Toxic Holocaust finished their show with The Lord of the Wasteland the left the stage. The show was barely getting started, but already things were getting crazy.
Up next was the thrash metal band, Sacred Reich. They have been around since 1985 and have released five studio albums including their newest album Awakening which released on August 23, 2019. It was their first album since their last album which was released in 1996. Sacred Reich came out and started with Manifest Reality, one of the songs from the newest album. Sacred Reich’s music has always been political so it’s no surprise to see song titles like The American Way, One Nation, and Independent. Fans continued to mosh away to this classic thrash metal band. Sacred Reich brought their show to an end when they played Surf Nicaragua. Sacred Reich said goodbye to the audience, then left the stage for the headlining band of the night.
Gwar released their fourteenth studio album The Blood of Gods in 2017. It is the first album not to feature founding member David Brockie aka Oderus Urungus due to his death in 2014. Even with his death, Gwar lives on with their new singer, Blothar. The stage was set and fans were chanting for Gwar to come out. The lights came out and a news broadcast started on the screen. A police officer with a big obvious prop head came out on stage warning the audience to go home. The members of Gwar came out on stage and started their macabre show with Fuck This Place from the newest album. The officer did battle with Blothar before Blothar eventually took his sword and struck the officer’s head severing it and streams of blood came out which were aimed at the audience. It’s one of the highlights of a Gwar show. Lots of fake blood, space semen, and other otherworldly fluids. The first thing you’ll notice about Gwar is how they’re all dressed up in grotesque costumes which goes with the band’s mythology which portrays the band members as interplanetary warriors. Gwar next played one of their most famous songs, Sick of You. The third song was Krak Down and once again featured a chubby police officer who gets axed in the chest which is then torn off by gwar and continued to spurt blood into the audience. It was madness seeing lots of blood quench the audience and having the members of Gwar fighting other monsters on stage. Gwar continued the massacre by playing blood-spurting tracks like Maggots, Bring Back the Bomb, Death to Dickie Duncan, and Brat You to Death. The final song of the night was Gwar Theme and naturally, there was lots of blood involved, but cannons were brought out this time. Gwar left the stage, but the fans weren’t ready to go home and were still hungry for more. After a brief break, Gwar came back out for an encore. The encore was an AC/DC cover of If You Want Blood (You Got It). This time, Gwar had captured a few humans from Los Angeles and were sacrificed to Gwar’s meat grinder on stage. The show ended and Gwar left Los Angeles in a bloody mess. Fans were seen covered in red liquid, but happy and smiling.




Sacred Reich


Toxic Holocaust

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