Two of the greatest rock bands alive right now The Aquabats and PPL MVR (People Mover) announced a tour together for some true quirkiness and out-of-this-world entertainment. The Aquabats have been around since 1994 and have released five albums with a sixth album set to be released “any day now” according to singer The MC Bat Commander. PPL MVR are an ancient species of unknown origin that explore myth and mystery through guitar riffs and auto tune vocals. They have released two albums with the newest album The Chosen released recently. The second to last stop on the tour was the Discovery bowling alley in Ventura, California. It was Friday night and what better way to spend it than with Yetis and crime-fighting superheroes.
The venue was nicely packed as PPL MVR came out on stage and started their show with Day of the Dead from their self-titled debut album. The members of PPL MVR go by SNWBLL (guitar/vocals), K-PO (bass), Q (drums), and their human Dave Pino (guitar). The music is meant to…move people. Hence their name, PPL MVR. Whether it be dancing, banging your head, or raising your horns. PPL MVR next played Touch & Go, a song from the new album. That song really got the audience moving and singing along. PPL MVR kept moving the audience by playing moving songs like Move, NML (Animal), and Mad. During the performance of The Chosen, SNWBLL went into the audience with a blue marker of some kind and marked the audience on their face who were “Chosen”. In the end, SNWBLL brought a little boy on stage and gave him a special mark on his face and dubbed him the leader of PPL MVR. PPL MVR next played their self-titled song, People Mover. Upon finishing it, PPL MVR played a cover of Where Is My Mind? by The Pixies. SNWBLL once again went into the audience and rocked out on the middle of the floor. PPL MVR thanked the audience for coming out then left the stage.
The lights went out and a movie started to introduce The Aquabats and show their crime-fighting ways. Once the movie ended, the members came out in their traditional masks and matching costumes. The first song performed was The Shark Fighter! and to go with the song, two inflatable sharks were tossed into the audience to be thrown around for the whole song. The band members go by the names of The MC Bat Commander (vocals), Crash McLarson (bass), Jimmy the Robot (keyboards/saxophone), Ricky the Robot (drums), Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk (guitar). The next song is one of their most popular songs, Cat With Two Heads! The Aquabats are best known for their comedic and theatrical shows which includes monsters and villains. The third song performed was Martian Girl! MC Bat Commander noticed a little girl dressed as a martian and brought her up on stage. He asked her where she was from and she said, “outer space”. MC Bat Commander brought the Martian Girl up on stage to dance with the rest of The Aquabats. One of the best songs performed of the night was Pizza Day! and what better way to celebrate the song than to bring out a giant slice of pizza and toss it at the audience. MC Bat Commander brought out a few kids in the audience before one of them finally agreed to be tossed on top of the pizza and…pizza surfed all over the audience. The Aquabats kept up the fun and entertainment by playing fan-favorite songs like Chemical Bomb!, Hey Homies!, and Look at Me, I’m a Winner!. The show seemed to come to an end with Burger Rain! with a video of burgers falling down like rain. The Aquabats left the stage, but the audience wasn’t ready to call it a night just yet. After a short break, The Aquabats came back out for a couple of encores. The first encore was one of their most popular songs, Super Rad! Fans were happy to hear this catchy song and sent some of the audience into a moshing frenzy. To end the night, The Aquabats played another one of their most popular and fun songs, Pool Party! and of course all the kids in the audience were invited on stage to dance and party while the mosh pit continued. The show ended and clearly everyone had a great time. Both The Aquabats and PPL MVR put on super fun shows that will leave you wanting more and anyone looking for a good time should definitely check out both bands.


The Aquabats!



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