Folk metal from Finland made its way to the USA as folk metal band Ensiferum and folk/melodic death metal swamp lords Kalmah returned to their dedicated American fans. Joining them were American black metal band Abigail Williams and American progressive extreme metal band, Aenimus. The majority of fans were there for their favorite folk metal bands. A Black Friday night was perfect for a show like this and it was a night to remember.
The venue was nicely packed as Kalmah prepared to go on stage. The word Kalmah is Karelian and could be translated as “to the death” or “to the grave”. Earlier in the year, Kalmah made their North American debut and sold out many of their shows. Kalmah came out and started their show with Swamphell. Naturally, the crowd finally came alive as moshing and some shoving ensued. It was nice to see Kalmah return to the US so quickly¬† from their previous tour. There was never a dull moment with Kalmah as lots of smiles were seen. Kalmah played many of their hits including Seventh Swamphony, Moon of My Nights, and The Black Waltz. Kalmah was a super entertaining band to see and they said their farewell to their audience by playing Hades. With luck, Kalmah will return soon to once again to give their American fans more swamp metal.
Ensiferum released their seventh album Two Paths in 2017. Since then, they have been actively touring in support. Their name is Latin meaning “sword bearing”. Plenty of Ensiferum fans were in the audience as they were sporting the band’s merch. The lights went out once again as Ensiferum came out and the crowd cheered. Ensiferum started their show with Blood is the Price of Glory. Ensiferum unleashed their classic folk metal music onto the audience as they moshed away to the music. Ensiferum had come to the USA earlier this year as well and it was great to have them back so soon, but headlining this time. Fans moshed, shoved, and even continued stage diving. Ensiferum is so much fun live and it’s only proven as they played folk metal classics like Token of Time, Heathen Horde, Ahti, and In My Sword I Trust. Ensiferum seemed to end their show with Victory Song which clocks in at almost 11 minutes. Ensiferum left the stage, but the crowd didn’t seem so eager to go home as they stayed put and cheered for the band to come back out. After a small break, Ensiferum came back out and the crowed cheered. The first encore was Hero In a Dream. To finally end the show, Ensiferum played one of their catchiest songs, Lai Lai Hei. Ensiferum thanked the Los Angeles audience for a wonderful night, then left the stage once again. Not a bad way to spend Black Friday.





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