The Hu (pronounced, “The Who”) are a folk metal band from Mongolia. They use traditional Mongolian instruments which include the Morin khuur, Jaw harp, tsuur, and flute. They are also known for traditional throat singing which is one of their main draws. They are still a new band formed in 2016 and on September 13, 2019, released their debut album The Gereg. The Gereg takes its name from the diplomatic passport carried by Mongolian nobles and officials during the 13th century and the time of Genghis Khan. Even though they are new, they have exploded in popularity headlining shows in Europe and playing at major festivals. The Hu announced their very first North American tour and it was a huge success with many of the shows being sold out. One of the last shows of the tour was at the Majestic Ventura Theater in downtown Ventura, California. By the time The Hu was up next, the venue was nicely packed with fans of different ethnicities coming together to witness this amazing band.
The lights went out and the audience cheered as The Hu made their way to the stage. They started their show with Shoog Shoog and the intro got the audience raising their fists and singing along to the lyrics. It’s no secret that the band members are amazing musicians given that they mastered their respective instrument. Different songs required different instruments. The Hu continued the show with The Same followed by The Gereg. One of the first things you’ll notice about the performance is the throat singing. It’s mesmerizing to hear the band using such a different singing style. If you haven’t heard of the band or this throat singing style, then you are seriously missing out. The Hu continued their show by playing many of their hits including The Song of Women, Shireg Shireg, Yuve Yuve Yu, and Wolf Totem. Rather than rely on stage props and theatrics, The Hu uses their powerful singing and music to make their presence known. All it took was the feel of the music for fans to bang their heads and raise their horns. The show seemed to come to an end when The Hu played This Is the Mongol. They left the stage, but fans weren’t ready to go home just yet even on a Wednesday night. After a brief break, The Hu came back out. They had no more new music to play for an encore, so instead they decided to play a song for the second time. The choice for the encore was the single Wolf Totem which has quickly become one of their best and most popular songs. The Hu finished, thanked the audience once again, then left the stage. The Hu have a huge career in front of them and no doubt will only continue to get bigger with time.


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