Grammy-nominated San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Death Angel and Los Angeles thrashers Exmortus announced a tour together that’s meant for metalheads from different generations. Death Angel was still on tour promoting their ninth studio album Humanicide released on May 31, 2019. Exmortus was also still on tour promoting not only their fifth studio album The Sound of Steel (2018), but also their brand new EP Legions of the Undead released on October 25th, 2019. The EP contains two brand new tracks as well as shredding renditions of the Beetlejuice and Psycho themes. Support on tour would come from Hellfire. The final stop on the tour was the world-famous Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, California. It was a packed show with metalheads ready to let loose!
The lights went out and thrashers Exmortus and started with the first track from their latest album, Make Haste. It wasn’t long before a mosh pit formed as Exmortus shred away at their fast music. The next song played was one of their best songs, Slave to the Sword. The metal scene was alive and well in Hollywood even on a Thursday. Exmortus finally gave the audience a taste of the new EP and played the new tracks Legions of the Undead and Swallow Your Soul. One of the best songs performed was a cover of Beethoven‘s Moonlight Sonata (Act 3). A beautiful metal rendition of a timeless classical piece. To end the show, Exmortus first played Foreplay by classic rock band Boston, then transitioned into Metal Is King. Exmortus finished up their show, then left the stage for the headlining act of the night.
The venue was tightly packed and possibly sold out. The show started a little bit late due to a technical difficulty, but was eventually fixed. The crowd cheered as the members of Death Angel came out and started with Humanicide, the opening track from the new album. Once again, the floor came alive with a mosh pit and with shoving everywhere. Up next was the classic Voracious Souls from their 1987 debut album, The Ultra-Violence. A classic like this also makes the mosh pits go wild. There’s never a dull moment with Death Angel as they played a mix of classic and new material. Some of those tracks included: The Dream Calls For Blood, The Moth, Mistress of Pain, and Stop. Singer Mark Osegueda took a small break to tell the audience how just a couple of weeks ago, Death Angel was nominated for the first time ever for best metal performance for the song Humanicide for the 62nd annual Grammy Awards. He talked about how shook he was as he called his family to let them know about the band’s accomplishment. Osegueda, as well as the rest of the band, were very proud of their accomplishment and thanked the audience for all their support and dedicated the next song The Pack to the fans because all together, we were a pack. Death Angel last played Castor of Shame, then left the stage. All seemed calm, but the audience wasn’t ready to go home just yet. The audience chanted Death Angel‘s name and after a small break, came back out. To further celebrate the occasion, it was guitarist Ted Aguilar’s birthday! A cake was brought out to celebrate. The first encore was Mistress of Pain from their debut album. Death Angel wrapped up their show with the beginning of their ten-minute instrumental track The Ultra-Violence which then transitioned into the ending track, Thrown to the Wolves. The whole show was entertaining from start to finish and no doubt metal is here to stay.


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