Progressive metal band Queensryche and John 5 announced a tour together with opening band Eve to Adam. This was a very interesting package with different genres and styles, but a little diversity never hurt anyone. The show took place at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California on a Thursday of all days. Even then, the venue was nicely packed for a big show like this. Eve to Adam served as a nice warm up for the show and made way for the main bands of the tour.
John 5 is best known for being the guitarist for Rob Zombie and was also a longtime guitarist for Marilyn Manson. When he’s not touring with Rob Zombie, John 5 focuses on his solo albums. He has released nine solo albums with the most recent one being Invasion released in 2019. All of John 5‘s albums are instrumental and have no vocals so he lets his guitar work do all the talking. With the release of his newest album, John 5 was once again ready to set out on the road in support of his most recent release. John 5 had the stage setup with a screen showing classic horror/monster movie segments playing backwards and blow up carnival entrances. John 5‘s bandmates made their way to the stage with John 5 being the last one to come out and immediately started the show with a track from his newest album titled Crank It – Living With Ghosts. Right away, you’re blown away by John 5‘s guitar playing and shreds away to perfection. The next songs were Six Hundred and Sixty Six Pickers In Hell followed by Zoinks!. It seems no matter what song John 5 played, it sounded just as good live as it does on the albums. Aside from being an instrumental show, John 5 also adds props to his shows to give it that theatrical feel. The props included a stage crew member wearing a silver suit with a robot John 5 head and another one coming out with a different giant John 5 head. Other songs included during the show were Season of the Witch, Howdy, I Am John 5, and The Black Grass Plague. John 5 is no stranger to the guitar and so naturally, had a variety of guitars to show off. Some of those guitars were a guitar with green goo on the inside, a miniature guitar, a banjo, and a guitar that lights up. John 5 continued his show with a medley of cover songs which included The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson), Spoonman (Soundgarden), and Thunder Kiss ’65 (White Zombie). Ending the show was Ddd and then a segment of The Star Spangled Banner that John 5 played. Using his teeth on his guitar strings. John 5 is a great performer live and an even more underrated guitarist and should be seen by any musicians and metalheads alike.
Queensryche is a progressive heavy metal band that has been around since the 1980’s. Since then, they have released fifteen studio albums with the newest one The Verdict released in 2019. Queensryche have been touring non-stop since their formation and have delivered many classic albums and songs to rock and metal fanatics. The lights went out and the packed venue cheered as the track Launder the Conscience from the new album played over the speakers. The members of Queensryche came out and started their show with Prophecy. Fans were ecstatic to have Queensryche return for a headlining tour. The next song was Operation: Mindcrime followed by Walk in the ShadowsQueensryche have been enjoying success with their current singer Todd La Torre since 2012. Before then, Queensryche was fronted by Geoff Tate who had an infamous altercation with the band which resulted in his termination. Queensryche has now released three albums with La Torre and show no signs of slowing down. The show continued as Queensryche played classics like Take Hold of the Flame, No Sanctuary, and Breaking the Silence. Nearing the end of the show, Queensryche played their most popular hits starting with the beautiful Silent Lucidity that had the fans turning on their cell phone flashlights and singing along. The next song was the hit Jet City Woman that also had the audience singing along and then the show came to an end with another one of their most popular hits Queen of the Reich. The band left the stage and all seemed quiet. After a brief break, Queensryche came back out for some encores. The encores were Light-Years, Empire, and once again finished with Eyes of a Stranger from their 1988 critically-acclaimed concept album, Operation: Mindcrime. Queensryche thanked the audience for coming out and then left the stage. It was a great night overall and all the bands put on a memorable performance.




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