The Duke of Spook Wednesday 13 released his eighth studio album Necrophaze in 2019. A tour was announced where W13 would be direct supportĀ  for the Finnish vampires, The 69 Eyes. The venue was packed to capacity as it was a sold out show. The lights went out and the venue cheered in excitement as the members of W13 made their way to the stage with W13 himself being the last one. They started the show with the self-titled opening track from the new album, Necrophaze (The album track originally features the legendary Alice Cooper). Right away, you could feel the music that gives you that shock rock feeling that their music is known for. Every song W13 plays has a different theme to it and involves lots of stage props and costumes. W13 covers himself in glow-in-the-dark paint which gives him an even crazier look. The next song is Zodiac also from the new album and naturally is about the unsolved murder cases from the 1960’s-1970’s. W13 came out wearing a burglar mask and wielding a knife to better bring the song to life. The show continued with W13 mesmerizing the audience with spooky tracks like I Want You…Dead, Scream Baby Scream, and Decompose. During Serpent Society, W13 came out in a devil outfit complete with a pitchfork as he sang his devilish lyrics. During Prey For Me, W13 wore a mask on the back of his head resembling a face. He sang with his back turned to the audience giving himself a sinister look while the mask faced the audience. He would still turn around and freak people out having two faces now. For the performance of What the Night Brings, W13 brought out a hook to give himself a serial killer look to one of their best songs. The show had to sadly come to an end as they performed Keep Watching the Skies. It’s unfortunate they had such a short set so hopefully they come back again for a longer headlining set.


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