Street Sweeper Social Club/Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction 06/07/09

Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos By Melorocker

When the announcement of a reunited jane’s addiction, to tour this summer along with nine inch nails was made it  gave me chills and  brought back some old memories of my first jane concert back in 1990 at the garden in n.y.c.  this was a great show from start to finish.  opening the gig was tom morello and boots riley’s  Side Street Social Club.  SSSC is a very hard and groovey outfit.  nice songs and a bit of social comment/message along for the ride.  NIN was next in line. though it was listed as a co-headline bill, many people thought that nin was headlining the event not providing support to jane.  this was a lost point on many concert goers that began pouring in late as nin was playing during the early gigs in the tour.  No matter who trent brings to play with him, his band always deliver the precision it needs to play nin songs on stage.

  It has been 15 years since the original  jane’s addiction took any stage. the wait was evidently worth it for jane played one of the most amazing concerts i have ever witness. the stage look amazing ,the lights were dark and intimate at times (which if you didn’t use a flash your pictures would be dark), the sound was blasting and even the wine bottle that perry was drinking from seemed  elegant to say the least. jones beach is next to the atlantinc ocean and on this evening it was windy and a bit cool but the heat eminating from the stage was sufficient to warm everybody in the crowd. i did notice that some people left before jane took the stage i gues those were hard core nin fans and didn’t care much for the addiction. both bands played same amount of time though jane roamed the stage while nin stayed within a space alloted.  the reason this tour happened is that trent reznor is producing the comeback album by jane due later this year or early next.  I have to add that with all the celebrity happenings regarding david navarro (carmen electra, rock star supernova et all) i felt that he was happy to be playing in j.a. personally, he is one of the best guitar players i have ever seen or hear. here are some pics from the show.



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