Homewreckr & Slaughter – 6/4/2011 – Clearwater River Casino, Lewiston, ID

Review from thenaturalstoner, pictures from Homewreckr


You know how sometimes you go see a band, perhaps past their prime, and the opening act completely blows them away?  Well that happened last week in Lewiston, Idaho.  My buddy AA and I drove down from Pullman, Washington to see Slaughter (and opener Homewreckr) and had a very up and down experience.  The ups were great, Homewreckr proved they are a local force with big time covers bringing the Casino arena fans to their feet.  The downs were not so great, Slaughter had terribly muddled sound and the volume was far too loud for this size of place.

Homewreckr opened the show with a terrific version of “Bark at the Moon” from Ozzy.  A nice choice to get the crowd off their rear ends and moving on a beautiful night in Idaho.  A surprising “Thunderkiss ’65” from White Zombie followed, I had no idea they would play a ‘newer’ song, which really got the crowd into a frenzy.  People were singing along, getting “Wreck’d” as they say, and having a blast.

How would you top “Thunderkiss ’65”?  How about “ENTER SANDMAN”.  Homewreckr brought out all the stops this night.  Sandman was rockin’ and led the way to other great covers.  The Rainbow/Ronnie James Dio’s song “Man on the Silver Mountain” was HUGE and then some AC/DC and Judas Priest songs brought us about mid-way through the hour long set.  A trip to the concession stand for some Lagers would follow, and Homewreckr would continue to bring the heat the remainder of their evening.

Another Ozzy hit, “Crazy Train”, started the second half of the set with a bang.  The two guitarists had been bringing great solos all night, the drummer was a monster force back there, the bassist was rad and the singer had a solid stage presence, all working to keep the crowd rocking and on their feet. Some Scorpions (“Rock You Like a Hurricane”) and Def Leppard (“Let it Go”) followed, then some more Priest and our first Motley Crue song of the night, “Looks that Kill”.

Homewreckr was about done at this point, which was a bit of a bummer, but they closed out their show in huge style.  “Youth Gone Wild” from Skid Row and then “Live Wire” from the Crue closed out this opening act and I was genuinely blown away by not only how good they were, but how much the crowd was into it as well. Sadly Slaughter could not match this feeling.

Slaughter came out and it was immediately obvious that their set was louder than Homewreckr, not a good thing (too muddled), and that the smoke and fog flowing out of the stage would be their main schtick.  Another trip to the concession stand for some beers would help.  “The Wild Life”, “Take Me Away” and “Eye to Eye” were some of the songs played at the start of the
show, and we would wait until we heard “Fly to the Angels” and “Up All Night” to be played before leaving for the night.  It seemed like a short set, roughly ten songs or so, but it was obvious to me that the highlight of the night was Homewreckr (although “Fly to the Angels” was awesome).

Looking at their website, it appears Homewreckr has only been a band for about a year. Pretty amazing considering how cool their set was.  I hope to get “Wreck’d” again like
this sometime soon. If you are ever able to check them out in the L/C Valley, you should. It looks like their next big gig will be opening for Puddle of Mudd at the annual Clarkston, Washington ‘Rockin’ on the River’ event in July, and I bet that set will be as good, or better, than this one!


thenaturalstoner is a Northwestern United States concert going human being who enjoys documenting his experiences. These are not always limited to the concert stage. thenaturalstoner likes his WSU Cougar football and collection of wet wipes as well (try ‘em out instead of toilet paper sometime!).
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