Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 06/10/11

Sandy City Amphitheater – Sandy, UT

Words/Photos by Meredith

When I saw that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was headed to Sandy UT, I immediately sought the opportunity to hit up this show.  This band is BIG – Big in size, sound, and presence. From the moment they took the stage, all eyes were on them. The weather was perfect for a summer evening in this small venue. The boys played at Sandy Amphitheater, a local venue that seats about 200 people and has room for more on the grass. The crowd was diverse, from elderly folks to the young-blooded swing dancers.  They immediately got the crowd in the mood. This show was great because they covered classics, some songs from their early albums, including Mr. Pinstripe Suit (a highlight for me). They also busted out “Calloway Boogie”, from the 2009 release “How Big Can You Get: The Music of Cab Calloway”.

I had a hard time staying still during the set, even though I was snapping pictures. It’s kind of unfair to be a photographer sometimes; you don’t get to bounce around like a giddy kid while you’re standing mere feet away from the band. Anyhow, I was really impressed at how clean and tight the sound was. As far as I could tell, no one missed a beat. Lead vocalist, Scotty Morris, has a voice that is both powerful and soft. It actually reminded me of melting,velvety butter. He is spot on live too, no cracks or faltering. The band was also dressed to impress. Wonderful suits(duh), hats; every detail to down to the shoes. The pianist, Joshua Levy was sporting some sweet black and white shoes, (looked like wingtips to me). The show eventually turned into a big dance party,and let’s face it, if this music didn’t make you get up and groove, then you weren’t listening.

If this band comes to your town, you’d better do your best to get there. You won’t be disappointed. More photos below, please enjoy.



I am a freelance photographer in Salt Lake City Utah. I love music of all types. I\'ve shot many bands, and I also write and take nature photos. My favorite band is 311.
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