Taking Back Sunday (w/ Thursday) 06/15/11

In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT

Words/Photos by Meredith

Here we are again at In the Venue. This place varies for me, sometimes it is outstanding, and other times it is way too crowded, smelly, and has poor lighting. This was one of the good times. I was lucky enough to get press access to snap photos of Taking Back Sunday and guests Thursday this Wednesday. Confused yet? Yeah me too. This was my first time seeing both of these bands. In addition to the headliners, two other bands performed. They were The New Regime, and Colour Revolt. It is rare that I go to a show and enjoy the openers this much. Both of these bands brought heavy, crunchy yet melodic tunes. I kind of felt like I was watching little Led Zeppelins being born. Both bands were being watched intently by lead singer Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday. I appreciated that because I haven’t seen many bands that do that. He watched, studied, and applauded very sincerely. I didn’t snap any photos of these two, but I would venture to guess that they will be big, soon. Good stuff and worth a listen, especially live.

When it was time for Thursday to start, I had to skinny into a photo pit that was maybe four feet deep. I’m not kidding. It was still light outside, and insanely hot inside. It was 94 during the day, add about 500 sweaty folks, and you’ve got yourself a crowd. Thursday front man Geoff Rickly wasted no time in getting started. The band opened with “Fast to the End”. I was lucky enough to snag a photo of the set list, which I heard from fans was accurate. There were lasers, screams, jumps, and all around energy during this performance.

This is a list from the pic I took of what was played:

1. Fast to the End 2. Counting(5-4-3-2-1) 3. Magnets(Caught in a Metal Heart) 4. Understanding (A Car Crash) 5. No Answers 6. Cross(Out the Eyes) 7. Sparks(Against the Sun) 8. Jet Black 9. Turnpike(Divides). Thursday has a new album out called “No Devoulcion” available now.

Moving on to the main act now, Taking Back Sunday…..I had no idea what I was in store for. I got to attend sound check with a few winners of two contests here locally. That was a treat. The band was cordial, and sounded really good. I have to say that I was nervous about getting crushed by some crowd surfers during the actual show though. The venue was busting at the seams, and surging with energy as they chanted “TBS! TBS!TBS!” . When the band took the stage, they opened with “El Paso(again, per a picture I snapped of the list). That was followed by “Make Damn Sure”, which had the crown, teens and hipsters alike, crooning along with the song. The lighting for this set was amazing. Lasers always make for a impressive addition, and that was certainly the case. Other songs from the list include “Bike Scene”, “Liar”, “180″, “Error” and “Faith”. Front man Adam Lazzara had some special moments, reaching out and holding hands with a fan.  There were more, see photos below. All in all, I’d say that this band has done well for themselves. They’ve got a huge fan base, a great stage presence, and were awesome to watch. There was not a song I didn’t enjoy. As they continue this tour, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this show. A new album is due out in the next few weeks as well.


I am a freelance photographer in Salt Lake City Utah. I love music of all types. I\'ve shot many bands, and I also write and take nature photos. My favorite band is 311.
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