Wednesday the 13th started off like any normal day. Had breakfast, had guitar lessons, picked up my buddy Devin. You know, the usual.

Around 4:30, me, my dad, and Devin left for the Echo Movement show at Studio Seven in Seattle.

Echo Movement is an alternative reggae band who my dad and I first saw at Warped Tour 2010 and had come in contact with via Facebook. We were talking and got to know each other, and eventually my dad and I got put on the guest list for all the work we did to advertise the show.

So we arrive at the venue (which is in a bad part of Seattle and if you blinked you would miss it) and try to find parking. I noticed a shuttle bus with a small trailer attached to it, with a “New Jersey” license plate, which Echo happens to be from.

“Hey,” I said. “I wonder if that’s Echo Movement’s bus.”

“I don’t know,” said my dad. “Let’s go see.”

So we drove across from it, my dad opened the car and went up and knocked on the driver’s window of the bus. It was lead singer of Echo Movement Stephen Fowler, and he almost immediately recognized my dad. Devin and I got out of the car and walked up to the bus’s door, and we were let in.

We were introduced to all the band members—Stephen, vocals; Dave, keyboards; Colin, drums; Nick, trumpet; John, bass; Dan, guitar; and Matt, saxophone—and sat on one of their couches and chilled for like half an hour. It was a very cool experience and they are very cool people.

I got to see the grueling “life on the road” sorta thing. Food was getting rotten, they bought a Mac computer even though they were pretty much broke, scheduling shows while on tour, and Matt got waxed (front and back.)

We decided to grab some dinner before the show started, and after some sandwiches at Jimmy John’s, we went back to Studio Seven.

When doors opened, I was on the list and Devin had his ticket, so we were let in. And now we were ready to wait.

The first band to hit the stage was local reggae band KayaFlyte. The guitarist looked like Zack Galifianakis, the singer looked like James Franco, the bassist looked like that guy from Office Space, and the drummer looked like Thom Yorke.

They put on a pretty good show and they sounded great. They even threw in a cover of Sublime’s “Badfish.” The guitarist broke a string halfway through their third song, but he got another guitar.

The drummer may have only had a snare and no toms, but he certainly knew how to make use of that snare.

After them was Poke da Squid, another local band. Their sound was more punk oriented and they were certainly a weird looking bunch of people.

The mics weren’t loud enough so I couldn’t understand a word they said. I do know that the last song they played was called “Andrew Will Never Get Laid,” referring to their cameraman. And for soundcheck they did an instrumental cover of Careless Whisper.

When they finished, I wasn’t too impressed. They were talented musicians, I just didn’t think their sound really did justice to Echo Movement, whereas KayaFlyte were more reggae.

Next was another local band called The Defeyes, and if you saw the lead guitarist, you never would’ve thought him to be in a reggae band.

To describe him best, I will use my dad’s words:
“He looks like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob. Didn’t you see Clerks?” I didn’t.

The Defeyes were good, I just didn’t pay much attention to the singer. I paid attention to the lead guitarist (his name was Alex, he later told me) and how he got through the technical difficulties that befell him.

When The Defeyes finished their set, I stole their setlist from the stage (it was right in front of me, I had to.)

We waited for Echo Movement to set up and got ready for what would definitely be an epic performance.

The band were finished setting up and were ready to perform. After another quick sound check, everybody took the stage. Devin got a quick pic, and Echo broke right into “Maybe Something’s Wrong With Me.” The crowd was into it, all 30 people. Everybody else was in the bar upstairs.

Echo shot right to “Ganja,” a crowd favorite. They continued with a new song, “Music Played On,” and a nice little ditty called “One Shot.” They then played, “Rub A Dub,” “I’ll Bring It,” and “Some Girls are Crazy” and even through some jams in. They were proving to be excellent musicians; I thought Nick and Matt were going to detonate their horns, they sounded so great.

They played a Bob Marley cover, “Natural Mystic,” and told the audience that without Bob, none of them would be here today. That is true, one of Stephen’s first albums was Bob Marley.

They played “Day Dreamer,” “Down Time,” The Soul-Searching Drive,” and “Red Sunday,” another fan favorite.

I was reading their setlist as they were playing and I was excited for the final three songs they were doing.

“I Think God Smokes Weed,” arguably one of their best songs, came next. Followed by “Keep My Head High” and “Brotherman, both of which had an extended jam and Nick, Colin, Dave, Matt, and Dan all seemed to be soloing at the same time, but it sounded fantastic.

They finished their show, gave some high fives, and then the majority of the audience left.

I snagged their setlist as well.

We hung out a little bit after the show and asked if the guys wanted to stay at our house and maybe shower. They said they would discuss it after a short “session.”

So after some directions and sessions, Echo Movement was at my house, peeing in my toilet.

It was a very great night and it was so cool to see them in my house.

If you ever get the chance, see them. They put on a great show, whether you know their music or not, and they are very cool people.

Thanks, Echo, for a fantastic night.

My name is Jakob and I listen to a lot of music. I also attend lots of concerts. That is all.
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