Unity Tour featuring Sublime w/ Rome and 311

PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ

Words/Photos by Lexc666


If you read Jay Porks account of the night you already got most of the story. Lots of tailgating, too much actually, running across about 6 lanes of highway to get to the venue, and we missed Sublime with Rome. I won’t bore you with too many details, go read Jay’s review for more information. But I will give you my point of view on the night, and maybe rant a little. Don’t worry it will be short and sweet.


Now I’d really like to know who has two major bands playing and doesn’t have an opener. It’s supposed the Unity tour. So have some damn unity and grab a local band to open up so I can miss them and see who I paid to see. In addition according to a friend of Jay’s, Sublime with Rome went on a little after 6:30. That is complete insanity. Doors opened at 6:30, can you give people a chance to get in. I checked out the website for the tour and in addition to the two bands they had dj’s. Oh really that’s just great because I go to a live concert to hear a dj set. When we got the lawn the dj that was playing wasn’t that great either. He at least played a couple of good songs. But some where just bad mixes and as usual with dj’s they cut the songs short. Can I hear a whole song, come on. I would name the bad songs he played but I was a little wasted and I don’t like remembering bad things. At least he played No Doubts “I’m Just A Girl.” Appropriate for the night, figured it would be a flashback to high school kind of show.

Now on to 311, a band that I never really listened to a ton. But I know I am not completely lost when it comes to their music. Apparently I was wrong for the night. I swear one time I went to an Incubus concert, on a whim because it was free and half way through the set, I’m like holy shit I know almost all of these songs. And I listen to them about just as much. Though I figured it would be okay, I could pay 25 bucks to see 311. But guess what I got, a listening party for their new album. Running joke of the night, “Did you know 311 has a new album?” And you know what I wouldn’t complain so much if the new album was amazing but I really didn’t hear any songs from it that I like any where near all the old shit. Guess I have to agree with Jay we are getting too old for this. Other than not hearing enough music I wanted it ended about 10:30. I’ve been to PNC before and could swear bands went on past 11. Then again I might just be crazy but hey they could have easily stayed on a little bit longer. I feel like I was at a show for twelve year olds with midnight curfew.


I’m happy I did get to hear a handful of songs I knew and liked. And I did get video of “Hive.” The new stuff is okay, just not what I was expecting. I did have fun, thank god for good company.  Truthfully, we had more fun in the parking lot hanging out before hand. And I have to agree with Jay, really not feeling the asshole attitude of the crowd.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZCM0WD4gGY&w=480&h=390]



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