Today I woke up, ate a quick bite and headed down to the Historic Delmar Loop. The Delmar Loop is a great street of shops, restaurants, books and record shops. It’s also boast the St. Louis Walk Of Fame and various other gems that makes my city great.

Well today they added another attraction to the already impressive list. They added a statue honoring the great Rock and Roll icon Chuck Berry. Now and forever sitting across the street from Blueberry Hill is Chuck Berry.

I arrived just in time to catch all the festivities. They had Delmar shut down, and a stage and podium set up next to the statue. A band called ” Blues Plus ” was cranking out Chuck Berry songs tune after tune and had the crowd rocking.

The ceremony started with the choir from Galilee Missionary Baptist Church proceeding through the crowd, followed by The Coca and Show Me Sound drumline band.

Through the thick of it all I could see the signature Sailor hat worn by Mr. Chuck Berry in the backround.

As he approaced he was very gracious and kind to all in attendance by shaking hands and smiling. At his side was “The Unofficial Mayor of The Loop ” Joe Edwards. The Chuck Berry statue is one of the many, many things Joe has done for Delmar and our City and I always appreciate all that he has done.

The Mc of the day was Kmox radio’s Charlie Brennan who has that classic radio voice and kept the program moving in the right direction.

First to speak was Mayor Arthur Sharpe Jr. who spoke about the importance of “Do It Now”. Asking the crowd that if they have a chance to make something good happen or do something good to ” Do It Now”

Next to the podium was renowned sculptor Harry Weber who has pieces all over the country. Notably at Busch Stadium, Cooperstown and the St. Louis Riverfront to name just a couple.

He also had a enjoyable speech with a couple of funny jokes mixed in to humor the crowd. At one point thanked his support team who hasn’t let a piece fall yet.

Then it was Joe Edwards turn at the podium and he thanked everyone for their support through the project and gave a really nice speech.

Which left one man to take the podium Chuck Berry himself. He walked up looking very humbled and a bit emotional to be there. He kept it short and thanked everyone for being there, and told us he loved us all.

If the response was any sort of a hint. It was obvious that we love Chuck right back.

After walking back through the crowd of cheering fans, Joe Edwards, Chuck and family disappeared into the Famous Blueberry Hill that Chuck still performs in once a month.

Then I went to work, where on our store radio they were playing none other than Chuck Berry. Thanks for everything Chuck, your statue is a blessing to our city!

Hail Hail, Rock and Rock!

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