Lisa Loeb 10/09/11

Arts & Wine Festival – San Carlos, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito’s Mom

Editors Note: Concert Confessions founder Reverend Justito spent his first 21 years of life as a resident of San Carlos, CA. There is a very good chance that Lisa Loeb is the biggest artist to perform in San Carlos since the Circle Star Theater closed in 1993.  Big thanks to the woman who birthed Reverend Justito for the review.

Grammy Award Nominee Lisa Loeb took the stage yesterday at the 21st annual San Carlos Arts & Wine Faire.  Having worked this event for 20 years in a medic capacity, I can’t recall when we ever had an act of her caliber at the event.

Promoting her book “Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along” she took the Downtown Park stage at 1:45 and sang to a mixed group of people from all ages.  Once upon a time this Downtown Park stage area was a vacant lot.  As a long time San Carlos resident, I’ve loved seeing how the Laurel Street / Downtown area has become an active and thriving destination.

While I was only able to hear a song or two, I really enjoyed what I heard.  The stage area was packed!  First up for me was “The Disappointing Pancake”  penned by Lisa along with Dan Petty and Michele Lewis.  While the crowd didn’t initially get behind this, once she started in with the “Fried Ham” song they were all right with her.  Shades of any of us who ever went to summer camp.  From the initial verse, to the repeats (next verse, same as the first, with an ­­­(fill in the blanks) accent (Texas, opera, underwater, etc.) every one of us who ever went to a summer camp were in her corner.

While mostly known for her song “Stay (I Miss You)” Lisa has clearly channeled her inner youth on this one.  Can’t recall the last time I was a part of a “sing a long.” This one knocked it (pardon the pun) out of the park. was started by Reverend Justito in the spring of 2009. The goal was simple - Live Music News & Reviews by Fans for Fans. All are welcome to sign up and confess their concert tales. All posts from this account are written by Justito.
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