This past Friday night in Fayetteville, Arkansas The Meat Puppets kicked off the second leg of their 2011 U.S. tour at George’s Majestic Lounge.

What you may not know is that the Pups are holding contests for ticket holders in 6 of the 15 different cities (St.Louis, NYC, Teaneck(NJ), Boston, Chicago And Des Moines) they hit before year’s end, with giveaways of all sorts of cool stuff like:
Color vinyl LP’s of the new album ‘Lollipop’, exclusive tee shirts, and limited addition posters. The winners will be announced the night of the show, with prizes available at the Merchandise table, where if you so choose, can have your prizes signed by the band.
Entering the contest is simple as pie; Well, depending on what kind of pie you’re thinking about baking. Sometimes you can use the wrong pan or something , maybe not enough of that non-stick spray on stuff-it could really be a hassle. But this contest is FAR from a hassle.

All you have to do, is send an email over to .. that’s, with the city you’ll be seeing the band in the subject of the email. That is all you have to do, and expect a reply acknowledging your entry.
Now that’s what I call simple.
For more information on this, head over to TheMeatPuppets.Com/Contests
TheMeatPuppets.Com is this place to be for all the tour dates, discount merch packages (great for you’re holiday shopping!)
The Meat Puppets have entered the Social Media world, you can find their OFFICIAL Facebook at . Follow the band (@themeatpuppets) for up to the minute information concerning shows, set times, changes, etc.
If you end up at the NYC or Teaneck, NJ show and you run into this writer, why not stop and say hello? Maybe even offer me a ride home, what are friends for-right?
Tour Dates:
Jay Porks here.. I like to go to shows and pass along the experiences to you in words, photos and videos. In my spare time I do Social Media for the Meat Puppets in addition to hosting a weekly podcast. Remember folks it\'s not all about the technicalities of the situation more than it is about what the situation brings to the technicalities... The Jay Porks Experience, take a stroll my shoes for a little while...
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