Blue Scholars with Grynch and Bambu – 10/29/11 – The Belltower – Pullman, WA

Review, pictures, video and audio by thenaturalstoner

I had a pretty fun evening at The Belltower last night with Blue Scholars, Grynch and Bambu!  This was billed as The Belltowers (Pullman, Washingtons newest concert venue) first hip-hop show, and I was admittingly worried about the sound levels in the building.  The venue is a converted old church, and I had seen Starfucker there a few months back and the mixes needed a lot of work.  Thus, I had reservations going into the bass heavy hip-hop show.  Thankfully, The Belltower sounded fine last night, and all fears were put aside for the evening.

The venue has a small bar in the back, and as you can see by the picture, the under 21 crowd filled up their half of the room first.  Us 21+ slackers arrived late and eventually evened out the place a bit.  I of course, sipped on screwdrivers all night while digging the beats on the right hand side while the younger crowd kept me entertained on the left.

Grynch came out first, about an hour after advertised.  No problem for me, as that just meant a few more (reasonably priced) drinks preshow!  If I was on the “under 21” side of the room I would have probably been pretty bored.  Nonetheless, I wasn’t and Seattles Grynch ended up entertaining the crowd for a good 7 or 8 tracks. I believe he finished with “My Volvo”.

After a short setbreak, Bambu followed.  Bambu is from Los Angeles, and having grown up in Southern California myself, I found myself more connected to Bambus lyrics.  The crowd, many in costume for Halloween weekend, loved it and I enjoyed it too.   He also did a sweet cover of Cypress Hills “How I Could Just Kill a Man”. DJ Infrared performed with both Bambu and Grynch behind on the turntables.

Before the show, we saw some of these guys at dinner across the street from the venue. As we set next to them, I overheard them talking about the show, and the night before in Spokane.  Apparently that was an all-ages show, and I heard the guys mention how the crowd was a little tame and that they were rapping to kids.  Apparently that is NOT their target crowd, hahaha!  Bambu took a little stage banter time to compare Pullman to Spokane, in our favor of course, and you could tell he was having fun out there.

One more setbreak and then Blue Scholars came out, also from Seattle.  This is one of the Northwests rising hip-hop acts, and while I don’t know much of their material, I enjoy what I have heard.  I happened to find a spot for my camera over on a windowsill, so I was able to capture the entire set on video! Sadly, The Belltower has terrible lighting for recording, so the quality is poor.  :(  I figured I should post the video to YouTube anyways though.  I have also created an audio rip of the show, and have a download link for it below as well!

This Blue Scholars set was also fun, with lots of friendly banter between the Seattle/University of Washington duo and this Washington State University crowd (I would say the crowd was two-thirds full, just fine with me as I had plenty of room) during their over one hour set.  They opened with “Cinemetropolis“ and the crowd was pumped. This was followed by “Hussein” and many more fun beats. A cool Halloween costume contest happened on stage near the end (during their Seattle Supersonics tribute song “Slick Watts”), with a ‘Bob Ross’ winning!  “North by Northwest”, one of the tracks of theirs I really like was well placed in the encore.  Fun times…

The Blue Scholars did not disappoint for the first hip-hop show at The Belltower.  Hopefully this sets a precedence for future hip-hop acts to come to our town and make people dance.





Click here for Download link of the entire set in mp3 format!





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